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Chelsea is one of the most amazing women I know. I met her at dance. She is full of light an energy. In her eyes is the wisdom of a sea turtle, yet she still learns. Shes usually the first person I dance with on Monday nights, and if one of us is ever down we can pick each other up. She wrote me this beautiful poem once (after I wrote her sea turtle!), but the one below she wrote for the whole group and read it during closing circle in April 2016. Goosebumps. The class feel still, then we applauded. Wonderful goosebumps. I hope she writes more poems!! :)

A Dance

What danger the living
sweat back neck--
limbs that flow
from 'oh yes',
not money,
not fear,
not you belong to me,
you must stay here
because you've always been.

It makes sense they try so hard
to shut it down,
for some from birth,
your twirl needs a tutu,
your stomp needs a cleat--
whole body,
complete in veins and heat
and hands and curves,
seems like more than we
should deserve
in an already boxed planet.

Our lack of plans and
our surplus love--
must be terrifying.

I have decided to risk it.

-- Chelsea Delaney.

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