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"This moment in time... I live" -- Taylor McClure

This Moment in Time - by Taylor McClure

Moments. This moment. This moment in time.
This moment in Time... I live.

Moments not memories.
Moments. Not past particles of illusion.
Lighting the gold pathways and neurons of our bodies.
In quite sleepless slumber.
Miracles of remembrance and secretly stored.

Moments not months.
Moments. Not potential pontifical patterns.
Electric explosions shoot white lasers through my soaring spirit.
In tangible wakeful shared experiences,
Energetically morphing into more.

Moments not years.
Moments. Not futuristic deflections.
Advanced silver technologies simulate reality of our minds.
In calculated and computed conceptions.
Technological creations of careful construction.

Moments. This moment.
One moment to experience everything.
Born. Breathe. Flutter. Flight. Live. Love. Dance. Death.

Born. Born in body and soul.
Breathe. Breathe in thankful essence of spirit.
Flutter. Flutter my senses open of sigh sound and sensation.
Fly. Fly on energetic waves of electrical currents created in this time.
Live. Live authentically and gratefully.
Love. Love openly and wholeheartedly.
Dance. Dance unreservedly and feely.
Death. Death will come without fear of fulfillment.

Moments. This moment. This moment in time.
No past particles of illusions.
Not potential pontifical patterns.
Not futuristic deflections.
This moment in time... I live.

-- Taylor McClure.


Taylor is one of my most amazing best friends in the world. Full of energy and laughter. And occasionally she is moved to write the most beautiful poetry. I was lucky enough that she wrote me one of her poems and I got her permission to include it here. I still hope one day she publishes her own book of poetry - and hopefully a photo of her fire dancing in Hawaii - but until then I hope you love this poem.

Taylor & I in 2015, not long after we met

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