Poem - The Burn

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The Burn

I see desert, I see the blanket sky at night.
I see silhouettes engulfed in dust and the rays of spotlights.

I see shirtless men in dusk masks,
I see women in tight pants.
I hear the sounds of sweat deep beats.
I hear music that makes me want to dance.

I see a naked family existing a van,
Perhaps by new you have guessed exactly where I am.
If the desert and nudity were not a giveaway,
We are at the burning man.

There kicker, is the part that is not so great.
After hours of anticipation, as a beautiful sun sets late.
We are still in gridlock traffic,
We’re not even at the f*cking gate.

            -- by Andrew Noske


Yes indeed, I wrote this poem in 2017 in traffic, waiting for my first Burning man experience to begin. Some people say the traffic is part of the experience. Hahaha.

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