Poem - Sunshine is a Lady

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This is a poem I was just inspired to write one day, shortly after my birthday, and after my first watsu massage experience. :)

It's very short by my standards, but I felt like it was complete, just as something short.

Found in Translation

Sunshine is a lady,
She radiates from a place of warmth and brilliance.
She is the giver of life.
She chases away the shadows, to expose only truth.

Sunshine is a lady,
And as I lay on the grass I long for the clouds to slowly pass by.
So that she may gently touch me,
Penetrate deep into my skin.

Cover every inch of my body with her touch.
Make me reach me hands up in worship.
Make me smile at the sky.
Make me feel warm and loved.

Sunshine is a lady.

            -- by Andrew Noske

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