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This is a poem I wrote for and read for my friend, Lyubov's, wedding ceremony. I was maid of honor!

I also gave a speech Wedding speech - Maid of Honor for Lyubov and Bryan at the reception.

As hinted in the poem, a lot of the words / message was inspired by Lyubov. :)

Life Without

This fragile gift of life, was not designed be wasted by being inauthentic.
Our greatest challenge, has always been to fully embrace the person in the mirror.

The rare who reach this stage, stand radiant before us.
They glow because they are unafraid.
Unafraid to stand naked, to be deeply unapologetically honest, and allow their full, unique, beautifully unconventional personalities to shine through in their every action.

Finally, when they reach this stage of happiness with themselves,
... they become ready to meet the love of their life. Their special honey.

A special someone who they maybe didn’t see coming.
... who grants them trust, and freedom to be themselves.
... who challenges everything they thought they knew about life.
... who inspires them to reach for celestial greatness.

A special someone who, at night, stare deep into their eyes and melts into deep happiness.
... and at that moment, one may whisper words of spending the rest of their lives together.

Many people in this life come and go.
... and then there are people who we can't imagine our life without.

            -- by Andrew Noske

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