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Katerina I met in a restaurant La Luna Restaurant in Punta Arenas, Chile.

Katerina the Adventurer

Katerina the adventurer,
The blonde beauty from over the sea.
I wanted to write you a poem,
So you would know the thoughts that you evoked in me.

Our meeting was brief,
But with some people you can just feel.

When engaged with their eyes,
You are staring into the soul of someone special.

When you first notice your bright smile,
You can't help but smile brightly.

When you hear their sweet voice,
You fall in love, just a little.

They emit a glow that scares away any darkness,
And attracts anyone with spark like a dolphin to the moon.

They emit a warmth that warms other hearts,
Like the dream state of a lizard baking on a rock in the sun.

I noticed you in the room long before I found my chance to say hello.
I had to sent my dad to the restroom in hopes that would give me long enough to engage you.
You made it so effortless, I didn't really need to try.

You were glowing with the achievement of a week of hiking and camping in the cold yet beautiful mountains of Patagonia.
A few days later, I would be walking the same footsteps you took. Not as adventurous, but enough to get a tastes for the your biggest passion. The taste of your passion, however, is evident already as you describe the feeling of being under the stars. You make me want to be under the stars with you. The call of the wild.... complete silence, and a chance to look deep at who you are, and the beauty of planet earth. During the night, the only voices heard are the wind or wild creatures, echoing the collective knowledge of billions of years of life on Earth.

Your parents don't camp, but they do know, more deeply than anyone, that they have a remarkable daughter. An empath. I don't know if you know what that means yet, but you definitely draw energy from nature, and you have a gift to make people smile, to communicate deeply with just a smile. Your intelligence and humor is only there to back you up if you need it.

I was worried my dad would dominate the conversation, since he can't resist talking, but he was relatively well behaved. He later told me he was intimidated. My dad is never intimidated. I think he respected the fact you did all that on your own. I was more in awe of the surprise of meeting such a tall beauty from Czech with such a strong spiritual energy. Who I am confident, in fact sure, is incredible at dance, because she is able to completely surrender to the music, and move fluidly with the rhythm, or a strong lead. If only I could dance with her.

Instead. An embrace.

Your skin, perfect to the touch. Soft, gentle loving.
They rare type of girl who, if you are lucky enough to date, you have the delightful confusion each minute of asking yourself, do you want to converse about the stars, to hold her tight, to kiss passionately, to make love. All these things may, in fact, blend together, as you lose track of time.

Ever since I discovered I had a spiritual side, I have noticed girls like you. And your energy glows stunningly bright. I have the same appreciating for nature, and I hope.... I hope.... that one day we might adventure together, in my backyard or yours.

Very, very, very few girls I have met gave me the impulse, "well I need to fly halfway across the world to visit them". Somehow I feel I'm not the only guy who has had that impulse about you.

But perhaps I'm the first to try putting it into words. It was all in the way you embraced me in your hug.

            -- by Andrew Noske

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