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Fire Dancing Goddess

I watch her step up towards the flame.
Not yet a fire goddess, she nervously bites her lip,
Is it the fear of people's eyes,
Or fear of getting burned.

She is ready to undergo the trial of fire.
She breathes deeply and takes a final step.
Each wick is set alight.
They crackle with intensity.
The flames flickering high into the night sky.
She feels the waves of heat against her skin.

All of the practice is now very real.
So she slowly feels into her staff and her feet and she exhales.

You only get one first time.
A virgin burn.
Nervous her eyes.
But feeling alive as she starts to roll the fire staff over her body.

She moves with elegance and skill.
Her incredible figure flickers with smoldering beauty.

Slowly, a smile appears.
I remember my first time.
I remember the childlike excitement taking over.
But this girl has something special.

She is a fire goddess in the making,
The cracking of the flames excites her.
She doesn't yet realize just how addictive this game will become.
She doesn't yet realize just how much her smile can charm.

But it does.
Somehow our eyes meet. She smiles at me and I smile back.
Each spin of her staff she feels more excited, more empowered, more emboldened.
Her body undulates like the flame.

A passionate dancer, burning pure.
But no flame I have ever seen lights up the night like that smile.
That smile when we danced.
Her pure radiant ecstasy.

I barely know her, but I would like to learn more.
I am drawn in to her fire.
Her overwhelmingly radiant energy.
A creature drawn to the light.

Should I be so lucky.
I already want to dance with her again.

When she stepped up towards the flame.
She was already a fire goddess.

The smokey inhibition gone,
I feel like I am the one now stepping up the flame.
Nervous but excited.
Will my vulnerability leave me burned.

Or will her brilliant flame warm me and light the way towards a path of unspeakable beauty.
The true trial of fire begins.

            -- by Andrew Noske


I wrote this poem in April 2020 I can't even tell you about the rest of it yet, because I don't know how it will go... but I'm very excited to be pat of the Trial By Fire tribe. I had my first (virgin) burn after about 10 times practicing. I've now be doing it long enough to have some serious, serious fun with it!

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