Poem - Every Time You Board a Plane

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Every Time You Board a Plane

The deafening sounds of the ventilation on this idle plane,
Beat incessantly on the drums of my hearts.
But I don't care.
Instead I stare out the window at the golden water of the bay, sparkling with the bring liquid gold reflection of the sun.

Each time you board a plane is a new chance to find love. To step outside your little world, and routines and patters. To observe true beauty in culture, in nature, in people, and perhaps in an interest of love.

As the plane takes off, and the buildings become small, you enter the clouds.
You can dream of a girl you meet on travels, who takes the air from your lungs, and breathes it back.

A smile like the sun, taking your hand and leading you on an adventure. A lightness about her, even when discussing the heaviest topic.

The way she gives you wings and melts your heart.

Your every hair stands on its end and you realize the world really is at your finger tips. Would you travel and move for love. Absolutely.

For the right girl you would move air, water and land to have your lips pressed against her smile.

Every time you board a plane, is a new chance to find love.


I wrote dec 2018 boarding a plane to Laos.

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