Poem - Embracing Limitlessness

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Embracing Limitlessness - by Varunvir Punj

You can only make others feel Free If You are Free.
Others are just a reflection of you.
Freedom is from the Mind,
Freedom is a state of Mind,
One Who embraces Limits is Powerful,
One Who embraces Limitlessness is Powerful as well,
But One Who embraces both is Invincible.
Upgrade the Quality of your Mind.
Quality of your Life would be upgraded naturally afterwards.

-- Varunvir Punj.


I met Varunvir Punj in a park briefly before I left the united states and he told me he published a book called "Dancing Through Life" so I bought a copy. The book is lovely little history of his travels and life philosophies with many poems. This is one that resonated with me!

Dancing Through Life

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