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Sharing with Shar

Contiki tours,
Wow, what can I say.
Feels like a wild ride already,
And it's been less than one day.

We've already drunk way too much,
For a bunch white people fresh off a plane.
And if you came out last night,
Well, let's just say, Bangkok is insane.

Lana the tour guide,
Best guide there could ever be.
Although I'm worried she'd a morning girl,
Which is way worse than RBF and/or ADD.

Also, her boyfriend is apparently Canadian.
Oh Canadians. Boo.
Last night she talked about he boyfriend's hard wood,
So if you ask politely, she will tell you to.

I was so excited last night,
I clearly couldn't sleep.
So if I pass out today,
Put a blanket over me.

Secretly we hope,
Someone else is at least one minute late.
And some of us are probably hungover,
Which may not feel great.

I'm so excited for this trip,
Leave no man or woman behind.
There's 30 people here,
But I hope I get to meet you all you beautiful people at some time!



I wrote dec 2018 while on vacation with Contiki tours.... sadly I didn't read this out on the bus as I intended. This idea jumped into my head. Each day, we have one volunteer for poetry. The group was fun, but turns out not quite that fun. They were mostly about drinking really. Our tour guide, Lana, was fantastic though!

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