Poem - Cambodia Candlelight

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Cambodia Candlelight

Smile by candlelight,
Her eyes shut close.
Thoughtfully she describes a scene,
And crinkles her nose.

Other girls have hair,
Josi has a full stunning mane.
Any man who appreciates sexy lips,
May be driven insane.

Wavy hair adorns the face,
Of a playful angel queen,
Somehow from heaven,
Yet high on the Devils naughty list.
If you know what I mean.

Intelligent and funny,
Wanderlust sparkles in her eyes.
Adventure awaits,
As does some lucky guy.

I love the way she talks,
Intelligent and playful German song.
This feels like more than just a travel romance,
As we make love all night long.

I wish we lived closer,
Or I had longer to stay.
Both those moments I had with you,
Stole my sweet breathe away.


I wrote dec 2018 in Cambodia. Flew to Germany the next year to meet her and wasn't the same spark (maybe it was just the difference of being on vacation), but had a wonderful time as friends. :)

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