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Bosnian Mystery

If I could write a poem,
About how beautiful you are.
I might compare you to,
A far off multiverse bright star.

Picture perfect,
Had never really impressed the likes of me.
But when you talk you glow,
And your eyes light up like moon above the sea.

That's when you are most beautiful,
Is when you talk of dreams.
It's one of the strongest things,
That endears you to me.

There's a spark of brilliance,
Mixed with a little insanity and copious passion.
A woman with purpose,
And an eye for great fashion.

It's these moments I drink into your eyes,
How can I resist.
Whenever you smile,
I dare imagine your kiss.

But for now I will just smile back,
A crazy hot workout coding model gal,
With amazing dreams,
To change the big blue world.


Written while visiting a girl in New York. March 2019.

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