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Was bored on a boat. :)

Alaskan Dream

In the heart of Alaska,
I went to a place,
Where dusk is also dawn.
Where the mountains are frozen,
Yet the people were warm.

My time would be too brief,
Almost ephemeral.
But moments there would last in memory.
Becoming indelible.

The tundra was in the state of spring,
Moose wandered free. Unafraid.
Pika darted around the rocks,
Their cute fluffy faces stuffed with grass and nuts.

I met her in the bright hours of night in cold Alaskan summer.

As of yet,
I was not dreaming.
Her smile was bright,
Her friends were playful.

And she sat next to me,
She alone didn't drink.
She didn't need any lubricant to be drunk in happiness.
Whenever my eyes turned to hers,
I saw her magical smile...
Each time appearing brighter.

Something magical.
Emotionally perceptive,
Physically strong,
Fiercely independent adventure.
Terrified of squirrels apparently.

From a place of rules she had broken free,
And I knew she wouldn't say no to a dance.

A twirl.
A glance.
A sway.
My large hands around her waist.

A man wouldn't just fall in love with this woman,
She would push him.

Considerate to her friends, She wants to make sure everyone is included. And that makes her even more beautiful.

My attention spread,
I was not expecting to crush on anyone that night.
But I would quickly crush on her.

Dark eyed, brunette bombshell.

I wanted to lift her higher,
To let her know that I was confident enough to lift and handle her body in any situation.
But I didn't want to show off too blatantly,
To keep some of my moves for another time.

To instead admire the moments where she awkwardly asked if she was doing things wrong.
Does she not realize,
That when the chemistry between two people is just right.
Intentions pure and loving, any clumsy word between those two people,
Will be more adorable than the last.
Because I want to know all of her.
Every delightful imperfection.

She has a elegant silver necklace.
Zippers on her tight blue shirt I couldn't see in the dark light,
And wouldn't notice till we went outside.

I wish I could kiss her, but I also hope we wait.
Limited time.

When you get lost, even briefly, in someone-body's eyes.
You know.
You feel alive.

A twirl,
A glance.
A sway.
My hands around her waist.

We must part ways, but I tell her I want to see her again.
I am suddenly like a nervous teenager on the phone.
She talks of 20 questions to fall in love.
I admire her pursuit of freedom.

You can't tame a wild animal in Alaska,
I don't believe in love in the type of love at first sight that results an irrational desire to marry that person.

But I believe sometimes you gaze into another pair of eyes and think:
"I will remember this moment forever, and smile".
... and there is a chance, that if we meet again, passion will overcome us.

I don't yet know her backstory of mistakes,
Poor decisions.

But I know whatever happened shaped her into a gem.
Like the shape of her necklace ornament.

I will return to a big city in California,
But I will keep the Alaskan dream I had...
To play in my mind periodically.

Should we meet again.
No expectations, other than the same one I had meeting.
That I will enjoy her company.

Except this time I anticipate I will be lost in her.
Fall in love. A kindred spirit at very least... to care that she gets the very best.

A small hope, a smile, a dream...
That one day I will meet her again in the flesh.
Just the two of us.
To stare into her eyes without distraction.

To show her the wilds of the city streets,
Cold but warm with my smile reflecting her smile.

If I had more time in Alaska,
Surely I would have walked with her into the woods.
A blanket beside me.
Confidently transparent about my plan to have sit her on my lap....
To stare into her eyes at moonlight.
To wrap her in a blanket,
To run my lips over her neck, if she decided she would like that.
To fall back on being a gentleman if she just wanted to cuddle.
Or to devour her if her breath started getting too heavy.

To lift her to new heights.
My fingertips running over her skin.

To write her a poem with my fingers,
So steamy, that those words might even be too much to share with her friends.

This poem however,
She would be welcome to share.

As life continues, I will not forget her.
I will try, and probably fail to keep in touch.
You can fall in love if you are not touching.

... but if she remembers me just enough,
I will help her come to the big city.
With a half-scheduled plan.
To show her the lights.

And see if we can get, at last, a date alone.
To let her know that I understand she is a wild free animal,
Like a Lynx.
But that when she is next to me,
I will make her purr like domesticated cat,
Soaking up my compliments,
My touch.

Breathless moments.

My Alaskan dream.
Already a memory forever.

I am leaving this mountainous tundra for now,
But I hope to return one day.
I don't just want to leave the untouched Alaska wilderness completely untouched.
I want to delve deep inside her one day.
Just her an I alone.

A twirl,
A glance.
A sway.
My hands around her waist.

My Alaskan dream.

            -- by Andrew Noske

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