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In December 2022 I was chatted to my amazing therapist and expressed a little shame over dating a younger woman. I've dated 12 years older and 12 years younger now, but it was dating 12 years younger that I felt insecure about. He knows I like writing poetry so he challenged me to write a funny poem about it to help me get over it. Yup, you can't make that stuff up! Or maybe you can, but I'm not that creative. This is a poem that started with a few lines ChatGPT generated for me but then I made it my own. I wrote it about 15 minutes to make sure I completed my "homework", just before my next session.

When I was young I would have done well to try dating someone above my age. Now it's flipped, because I'm about to turn 40 and only now, for the first time ever, did someone show me the charts on fertility and risks like birth defects against a woman's age. These cruel charts, but you can't unsee it. I was so shy when I was young that it wasn't until 24 that I got my first girlfriend. I craved a long term relationship but most girls discounted me because I was shy and lacking experience. It wouldn't be until my mid 30s that I would build the confidence to ask women out. I have no idea what age of person I'll end up with as my soul mate, but I hope I don't judge myself for any age gap that there is or isn't.

Love is hard enough to find... and compatibility is even harder. The woman who I most wanted to marry can't have kids, so... well life isn't easy sadly! I hope this poem adds a little humor to the concept of an man dating a younger woman.

Age Difference in Dating

I used to judge and think it was an outrange,
For a man to date a woman ten years younger his age.
But now I am older I see it in a different light,
It started to make sense, and seem quite alright.

At a certain age for women she might get a knock.
From a mysterious entity called a biological clock.
And if by an age she hasn't birthed a child from relations,
There's an exponential chance of offspring complications.

Most men are suckers, for an experienced pair of lips,
But from an evolutionary perspective, we seek young child bearing hips.
And women seek stability, a man established, secure and tried.
All based on your chance of raising, a successful thriving child.

It was true of the cavemen, when life expectancy was short.
But it hasn't changed much since, is my assessment report.
Even if you don't have family, the drive is still there,
To avoid someone with years of baggage, or falling-out hair.

I agree it's sad and unfair that older women feel written-off,
But this is not a topic I've thought about a lot.
When I was your age, young and romantic but lacking experience and money.
Barely a single girl wanted to date me, so the irony feels funny.

A young woman brings new life and hope,
Any man who doesn't try to date her, might feel like a dope,
And with this right girl, a man's dream of a family might become reality.
It's not purely superficial to be attracted to youth and vitality?

So let the men date younger women,
And let them build a life together.
For love knows no age or dimension,
And will make their hearts beat forever.

Some people mature fast and some slow, but if two souls align on love,
Then maybe they are soulmates, who are we to judge.
I'm putting out there, that I don't feel ashamed for a hunger,
And an attraction to women who are carefree and a little bit younger.

-- AN.

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