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A gift so good many people cry! Sorry not sorry Tiana. And amazing birthday BTW! ❤️


I have a an entire wiki page for gift ideas, but the custom photo pillow is precious to me. If I send you this article I must really like you, because this gift idea is so f**king good part of me doesn't want to share it with people - I almost want it to be my thing to surprise the new special people in my life. Also I also love sharing the knowlege, and if I send you to this page and you order a pillow for a friend or family member then... we'll you might just become their favorite friend or child! :-P

Why a pillow? Well it really is a talking piece and a pillow sits there on your couch or bed whenever you need to cuddle up to a movie. In times when you are down, the photo pillow will remind them of you, plus some of their amazing memorize and cheer them up. A pillow present just says "love", and it's not expensive at all.

Where to Order - Collage.com

I'm sure there are multiple website that will do photo pillows, but I love collage.com. Usually they have a price discount that means your pillow will be ~$30-40 and soo worth it.

Here's some extra tips:

  • The pillow sizes they offer are all pretty huge: Travel 12x12, Standard 16x16, Medium 18x18, Large 20x20". For inpact, and to fit more photo, I recommened the 18x18, but if someone has a small place or travels then do travel size.
  • Order Microsuede - it's the cheapest but the best by far for photo quality and softness to hug. I tried the other (slight more expensive) options but the photos are harder to see and less fun to cuddle. The first pillow I bought was microsuede and still looks amazing (almost new) after 8 years!
  • Chose one huge image for the front for inpact - bring colors work great... and a montage on the back + plus add some sweet text. It's only $10 extra to add an image to the back.
  • Definitely order ahead. This isn't necessarily an overnight Amazon deal, you might wait 1-2 weeks, so be sure to order it early - when it shows up is unpredictable. I ordred one to Hawaii that arrived in 5 days, but I ordered tote bags the next day to Hawaii and they took more like 14 days. A bit unpredictable, so order ahead!.
Pillow options, giving you an idea of the sizes.

At collage.com they they also do a tonne of different photo options - mugs, towels, tote bags, puzzles, etc. I've ordered photo purses, photo tote bags and even a hilarious photo towel from them, all fantastic quality, but pillows is still my favorite.

Other options by collage.com.

Collage.com UI

The user interface for Collage.com is amazing, and it saves all your projects so you can come back later to order the same one again if it's a total hit.

Designing the front of the pillow, see here that I am adding text.
Adding the back of the pillow and showcasing the easy photo upload system... then you can just click the ones you want and it will arrange them into a grid which you can play around with.

Collage.com Share Links

Another amazing thing about collage.com, is that you can share links to your projects for other people to order. The share links are not quite trivial, you have to add the pillow/item to your cart and then

I think the only way to see this "Share" link (on the right) is to add it to your cart first... *but* you don't have to buy it. This epic photo of Cory (DJ Pairadice) turned out fantastic as a pillow by the way!

In 2022, I made some pillows for my some amazing friends in the Trial By Fire (including the amazing: Dhevhan, Lindsey, Cory) and they loved them so much Dhevhan suggested they could sell the pillows and tote bags as merch.

Well here's the links that you can copy (create an account first) and modify:

A Few of Many Pillow Success Pictures

The first pillow I got for someone, 20x20" and says "love of my life" on the front, and a greaat montage of our trips together on the back. Adam left it on his couch, and I think most of the girls he's ever brought over (and he brings a lot over!) thought we were gay. We're just close!
The incredible Ann Swanson, opened her 12x12" travel size pillow on the beach. Ann travels a lot, so this was my first time ordering travel size and I feel like it's still big.
This is a towel from the same company. I just love this photo too much to not include it.
At my Hawaii going away party I gifted my amazing Nat this "trouble trio" tote, a callback to the idea that Liddy, Nat and I were so huggy, half the island probably though we were a trouple. Hahahahaa. The tote bags are great - collage.com does grocery bags to

I've also got a lot more pictures of photo pillows, plus the tote bags and so on. Many happy memories, especially because I love gifting from the heart, but you get the idea. :)