Personal Safety for Women

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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Safe Sex

In a single week I had three female friends of mine in Oahu assaulted in different ways. One was strangled by an ex boyfriend (not strangled to death but close), another was assaulted by a homeless man on the street (fortunately she was able to get away) and I won't even say what happened to the other one. That happened in one week. I posted it to a couple of Hawaii threads, ordered five pepper sprays on Amazon friends (hopefully they still carry them around), and we assembled a care package for the girl who was strangled. This really wasn't a normal week, I don’t want you to feel like Oahu is a cesspool of awful men, but I do want you to know that Hawaii is full of lonely and angry men, many who have not been trained well in consent, and some who are just messed up.

Look out for each other, and if you or a female friend have ever felt unsafe in your neighborhood, I would immediately invest ~$10 into a pepper spray, or better yet a personal safety alarm keyring for as little as $5 on Amazon. Both can fit on your keychain. The girl I was dating and I practiced using one of the pepper sprays using a snorkeling mask and brick wall and I feel like the safety alarm might be easier because you don't need to aim it and it's smaller. For that price just buy both and be sure to test both out somewhere safe because you don't want your first time using them to be in the actual emergency. Here's what you want to buy:

This is called Emergency Personal Alarm with LED Lights on Amazon.... and you can get 3 for $10. I plan to order some of these friend soon. I think it's nifty that it has an LED light, so even if you (I hope) never need it for safety emergencies, you will probably use it as a flashlight.
This is called SABRE Advanced Pepper Spray Keychain with Quick Release on Amazon... only $10, I ordered five for friends and tested one against a wall. It projected pretty far as this single orange stream, but I imagine any pepper spray would be hard to aim if you were grabbed.