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The 0 to 10 "Open communication" scale below was inspired by a visit to see all my friends in Hawaii in 2022. I basically have friends who are super private and one or two friends that massively overshare... okay so maybe just me for the oversharing, but it is fascinating that there is a range of people here.

My Graphical Representation of the "Open communication scale" (0-10)

The unofficial open communication scale.

(full res widescreen image)

Why This Open Communication Scale Is Helpful

I think the challenge here is to not judge people who are more private or more public than your comfort level. Sharing everything can be a really beautiful thing in dating to build trust, vulnerability and intimacy.... but others find that a sense of mystery is what they are attracted to. In the context of dating, please just do safe sex if you are dating around and not updating your partners on your sexual advitivies.

This scale applies to non-sexual relatonships too by the way. Like your relationship with your boss.

For dating though, you can ask early on where someone falls! There are no rules about doing so.... if they refuse to answer you can assume they are 1-2. :)


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Acknowledgements: My amazing friend Lyubov for being the best communicator I know... also two of my favorite Hawaiian girls who are at the extreme opposite of the scale, and give me appreciation that being private has its perks too. It's a risky game, but most people seem to get away with it. Not me!