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A friend called David Lee was the first person to show me an online service called "doodle" which allows you to suggest a number of times for a meeting, then invite multiple participants by e-mail to show their availability/preferences. This technique is great to decide on a time for a meeting without needing multiple back-and-forth e-mails.

On this page I've listed a few such programs.

Free Online Scheduling Programs

  • URL:
  • Comments: This site is brilliantly clean/simple, and takes 4 steps easy to setup a new meeting. Including the option to send out the e-mail or for you to send your own e-mail where you copy and paste the URL for the proposed meeting. Each subsequent person simply types his name and ticks boxes and the owner gets notification. No registration required and is perfect if you need to organize a meeting (or even a party) some day during the next week but are not sure a good day/time for it.

  • URL:
  • Comments: This site is a bit more complex, and I'm not a fan of the interface whereby you have to use a calendar between days. However, it does look (watch the video) like it integrates very well with google calendar and using the plugin it can automatically help/show you what times you are not available.