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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Online dating

This page is just a copy of some text & photos I've used online dating sites.

Tinder Profile Text

Tall (6"4), playful, mindful, educated, driven & passionate about dancing. I may want to take you dancing on our first date.

I just moved back to Australia after 12 years in California and Hawaii. I loved it there! I learned fire dancing, had crazy adventures, and made some incredible friends, but it's time to be closer to my family & get serious about finding the love of my life... to me that means Australia. Ask me about the books I've published about limitless questions & ice cream. :)

Tinder Profile 2023

My Tinder profile in 2023.

Pic #1.
Pic #2.
Pic #3.
Pic #4.
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Pic #7.
Pic #8.
Pic #9.

Old Tinder Profile Text

6"4 Australian former/disgraced phd-scientist-turned-engineer-and-writer who lived in Hawaii, but recently moved back to cold old San Francisco. Loves tacos, ecstatic dance and will teach you salsa. Raised to always open the door. Beer and nuts sold separately.

.... Wait, who reads profile text anyway? Mention owls or watch my video ( if you've read this.

A pandemic is no excuse to stop enjoying life. :-)

Might be about ready to fall in love. Not sure. :)

I live in San Francisco, working for Google Maps and dancing as much as possible. I'm tall (6" 4), a doctor and Australian.

Sense of humor, intelligence, and an appreciation of nature are wonderful. Wait, does anyone even read this? Mention penguins if you read this. ;-)

Hi all, I'm an Australian from the US who works at Google. And super excited - I get to Tokyo for the first time from Feb 11 to 21st.

I'm staying in a nice hotel near Google's Tokyo office (near "Roppongi") and want to learn about culture. Happy to pay for a meal in exchange for some Japanese lessons!

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