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There are always many things you can do - even just the placement of items - which can help make office life easier or more fun.

Ideas for Your Office

Inside your office/shared office/home office there are lots of ways idea to keep yourself organized... here are just a few:

  • Water bottle - a physiotherapist once told me water bottles are a good idea because you tend to drink more and have more breaks from sitting and staring at the screen because you'll go to the toilet more. I keep two huge 1 litre german beer mugs full of water on my table.
  • Spare phone charger - it's very annoying to have your phone go dead at work, so buying a spare charger (~$30) to keep at work is a great idea.
  • Change of clothes - in case you feel compelled to exercise!
  • Lots of containers - the more containers and/or labels you have, the more organized you can keep your stuff
  • Headset - for when you want to listen to music or watch movies, but don't want to "disturb" others... get a cheap speaker headset (~$20) and you'll also have the option to make Skype calls (for extra procrastination).
  • Inbox trays on desk - I've found an inbox tray is the perfect thing to keep my sticky tape, stapler, calculator and pencil boxes together, so they're not splayed out all over my desk.
  • Wireless mouse/keyboard - for ~$100 I find wireless mouse/keyboard sets are awesome - they reduce clutter, you lean back with the keyboard on your lap, and they are far more battery efficient than they use to be.
  • UPS - an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is not only an excellent surge protector (protecting your computer from lightning spikes which might destroy it), but also gives you a few minutes to save stuff during any blackouts/brownouts... UPSs are much cheaper nowadays and for ~$100-200 (see here), plus maybe ~$50 to replace the battery every two years a good investment.
  • Ergonomic chair & desk - it's worth spending extra for a really good chair with back support (or lumbar roll), and if you are tall like me you should raise the desk.

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