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So I'll just say it - I think the Myers-Briggs personality test (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator?) is rubbish.

Why? Maybe I think it's rubbish because I feel like any basic test which is trademarked, named after it's inventors and charged $50 feels like a rip off. A way for people to get wealthy. Don't pay for the test, find a site like this one and do it for free. Maybe I think it's rubbish because I did the free test and it says I was borderline on three of the four categories.... meaning I could associate with one of eight categories. Eight. Maybe it's because I like the idea of a test which provokes thought, but this one tries it's best to put you in a category with a ridiculous four letter acronym. It's just four different vectors... on their own they are okay, why combine them into a stupid acronym for people to put on their online dating profiles.

Here's my own personality test... People are either Dry or Interesting [D/I], Gullible or Stubborn [G/S], Fun or Boring [F/B], Outgoing or Timid [O/S]. I like to think I'm a ISFO person.... and I'll just tell you that out of context to assume you remember what each letter stands for and means about me... and you should also memorize what the four letter concatenated mean about me. What you should know about ISFO people is that we are jerks like that. :)

Haha... sorry if that's too aggressive. I'm sure a lot of money has gone into trying to dig into what the different categories mean, but only because people marketed it really well. For what it's worth I'm a [E/I]S[F/T][J/P]. I guess that's just a typical [E/I]S[F/T][J/P] thing to say right?

There are lots of tests I've done an loved... for instance I like my Love languages (that's a useful one!), Empath tests and Chakras test... but yes, I think Myers-Briggs gets way more attention that it deserves. Enneagram is better.


Well I made fun of Myers-Briggs, but this website lets you do a free analysis, which isn't *too terrible* and takes 12 minutes:

16 personalities

It's nice that the results render as not-so-binary... although it still does give you the silly letters at the end.

16 personalities.

Here's my results from Oct 2020... different again from a few months ago, although maybe because covid has changed a bunch of us... or more likely because of that effect I was mentioning before.

My 16 personality results from 2020-10-29.