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I feel like there is an amazing question we never ask each other: "what is the most badass moment of your life".

Which translates to:

  • "Have you ever had one of those days you felt like a baller? A day when everything just went right and you felt like the king or queen of the world. A day of incredible luck or skill that makes you smile. Tell me about your most baller moment in life".

What I love about this question is that most people have never heard it.. they'll have to think about it. Honestly, you might just say "tell you what, that's your homework to think of an answer, because I bet you have a good one". It's a really great dating question, but works with friends too.

Let me share my own examples and you'll see the beauty of remembering these moments. They don't happen often but they make life happier.

Badass Moments

#1) Operation Shoe Rescue

I took my first ever girlfriend to my hometown of Cairns and I was having a lovely day showing her the rainforest tablelands, we went up by train and we were coming back by the longest Skyrail in the southern hemisphere. Along the way, there's this amazing stop where you walk along a boardwalk and out over a waterfall. I noticed a family and the kid in the family accidentally dropped one of his sandals over the edge of the railing near the waterfall. Everyone, including my girlfriend noticed, the family was making a big deal and I was thinking I could help, but it was too dangerous to go down and too far to reach. Then I noticed the poor grandpa get on his hands and knees to reach down, which he could never have reached it. My girlfriend felt really bad and said "oh no, grandpa is trying to reach it". In perhaps the most intense moment of clarity and spatial awareness in my life I saw a long branch like root coming off a rainforest tree just on the edge of the boardwalk. In one swift movement, I grabbed the root, everyone watching, broke it off and it was exactly long enough to swoop down, hook this kids' sandal, and lift it up right next to grandpa. The family was crazy grateful, and my girlfreind grabbed my arm and mentioned that she wanted to tear my clothes off. That moment felt incredible.

#2) The Ex Girlfriend At a Wedding

One of my favorite days of my life was the wedding of my best friend Lyubov. I met Lyubov dancing, we briefly dated, and somehow ended up as deeply authentic friends and when she met a guy and decided to get married, she asked me to be maid of honor. The whole month leading up to her wedding was amazing - I got to organize the bachelorette party, which I'm sure is a once in a lifetime thing for me. And the wedding was the most amazing wedding I've even been to. They did it as a potluck, so the food was amazing and it didn't cost them a cent! Lyubov was working in quality assurance for a porn company called which was, at the time, headquartered in a castle in San Francisco called the armory, and that's where she wanted to get married - in this beautiful huge Edwardian room that had all the trimmings, but if you looked closely, the renaissance paintings on the wall were actually all highly porngraphic, and there were rings hanging from the ceiling which were clearly used for sex swings in their porn videos!

The only thing that was kind of nervous for me, was that my favorite ex-girlfriend, Taylor, was going to be at the wedding. Originally she was going to be my date, but she had started dating someone seriously so he was her date and I'd never met him, but he definitely knew Taylor and I had history. The wedding was amazing... I got to give a maid of honor speech that made everyone cry. I was feeling amazing, and had finished all my maid of honor duties when the dancing started. I assumed there wouldn't be any single girls there, but there was this beautiful blonde girl covered in tattoos on the dance floor and we had a magnificent dance. That's when I noticed Taylor and her new boyfriend Hank in the corner. And that's when I did my "baller move". I could see Taylor was a bit nervous and Hank was eying me off a little bit, trying to see if I any kind of threat, and I hadn't really had a chance to interact with him yet. I also was hitting it off with this girl... so I strode up to them both and said "Hank, it's so great to meet you at last... and this is cheeky, but I might need to borrow Taylor for wingwoman duty! I just met Courtney over there, and I think she's super cute and I need you to talk to her and find out if she's single".

So in case it's not obvious... in that one move, basically two birds with one stone. Hank would no longer see me as any kind of threat there... and Taylor was going to be my wingwoman, because hey - guys like to get lucky sometimes. Taylor didn't waste any time walking straight up to Courtney to tell her that I thought she was cute and wanted to know if she was single. I mean I would have eventually said that myself, but it just looks cute coming from a friend. Social validation I guess. Luckily she was single, and it wasn't long before the too of us run off into the dungeon to make out for a while, before I had to get back to Lyubov. Courtney invited me over to her place that night and let me just say... when you are a best man, you have a very good chance of getting lucky... so long as you give a good speech that focuses on your love for the wedding couple. If you are a maid of honor.... and you don't stuff up the speech... short of being famous, that's gotta be a guys best chance to get lucky!

Even if Courtney wasn't single and I didn't get to hook up... that moment of approaching Taylor and Hank to release their nervousness just felt like this moment of brilliance I will never forget.

#3) Operation Turtle Rescue (almost)


#4) Romance at the Airport


#5) Cleanup Challenge