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The 0 to 10 "money attraction" scale below I almost called a "sugarbaby" scale, but people think of sugarbaby or sugardaddy as a binary concept and it's not. You can ask someone do you date for love or money, and most would answer "for love, how dare you assume I'm superficial", but in reality not many women want to date a guy who lives in a van. People who "love love", also usually want some level of financial stability... and people who might mostly want money, also probably want some element of love and respect. I also want to point out that sometimes it's the women who earn more, so in your cougar situation with a hot young guy, this scale still applies. The primary provider could be the man or the woman. If you are the primary provider you can use this scale to indicate what you are comfortable with. In my personal experience, if I date someone and realize her ratio of money:love is too high, I can fall out of love for sure! Others prefer it that way.

My Graphical Representation of the "Money Attraction Scale" (0-10)

The unofficial money attraction scale.

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Removing Shame Around Sugarbabies and Sugardaddies - So Long As It's Consensual

One of my most magical friends, Lyubov, one of the few people on earth I know who does radical honesty, once admitted how turned on she'd get on dates where a man spends a lot of money on her. I thought surely she was more enlightened, but in fact she knew this was a trigger from her past when her dad was poor, and also that enlightened souls can always own up to who they are. There are a lot of men out there, and a handful of women, who also get off on buying expensive things, and falling into the sugar daddy or sugar mama category. Whenever I see old, gray overweight men dating hot young women - younger than their daughters - I think poorly of the United States, but what if the US is the only place that has just given into the real truth that we are products of evolution. What makes sense for a woman to increase the chances of her children surviving? Someone with status, power and money. What makes sense for man to increase the chances of his children surviving? Young child birthing hips. It's evolution.

Of course, I like to imagine most people want a love competent, but I've been changed by my friend to not think ill of people who are professionally dating sugar daddies - especially if they do it with integrity via a sugar daddy dating app, instead of trying to lure in men who prefer love, and will feel used if they fall for some young hot thing that drains their account.

Another fun story here. I once briefly dated a very beautiful older lady from the OC who I met dancing in the bay area. Immediate sexy dance chemistry too, since her ex-husband barely touched and ignored her, and didn't really give her much love. Turns out she got wealthy from some of her investments, and when she visited San Francisco the next time she invited me to stay in her fancy hotel and took me to dinner at a fancy restaurant where there were no prices. I asked where the prices were and she just said "I got this one baby". It was as sexy as hell! This was the first time I got to experience what it might feel like on the other end. I always offer to pay first, but I also don't like to feel like I'm being used... It has to be my idea, and I don't really stand for girls who try to "upsell me" to more and more expensive dates when I'd rather just make a cheese platter and take her to the beach or a park.

So there you are. Consider what it feels like from the other side. I personally like the idea of a switch sometimes, where the person with the lesser income pays. Had this woman and I gone on more dates, I would definitely have wanted to pay 50% of the time... I may not have a 7 figure salary like hers, but I have a good 6 figure salary, so I want to show that I can hold my own and feel masculine!

I hope this scale makes you feel a little bit less bitter about women and men who date for money over love. So long as it's consensual, just own it. If I was a hot young female, the idea of being taken on random trips to Europe sounds great! Or at least it would be great for 2 months before I decided I need to write books and do more than just tan. Or maybe that would be perfect, because I'd have all the time in the world to write books, instead of needing to do a full time job. The only danger really, to the money over love is that women do lose their looks over time, and sometimes men lose all their money, so that is something you'd have to be smart enough to prepare for in the long term. Divorse settlement!

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    Andrew Noske

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Acknowledgements: My amazing friend Lyubov who made me realize my views on old gross men dating younger attractive women were a little judgemental. Oh wait, I just used the word gross. So I guess I'm not perfect.