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Example of questions we post on the thread.

NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Limitless Questions

Oh dear, a tall handsome Australian has just invited you to join a WhatsApp group hasn't he? My advice is to run away. Just kidding... my advice is to sign up immediately because it's a fun discussion group that *might* just expand your mind a little. How? Well we could all use a better arseonal of beautiful questions in our back pocket. We can all benefit from more vulnerabilty, more love and deeper conversation with other humans. But if you **are** the type of person who likes ALL the information before you agree to something.... well then read on! I wrote this wiki page just for you!

Limitless Questions WhatsApp Chat

What is this chat thing? ............................... Fun!

Andrew Noske (the loveable fire dancer) and Ann Swanson' (acclaimed author and yoga goddess) post incredible questions from their "Limitless Questions" database and you do with those questions whatever you want.

Is this a commitment? .................................. No!

Is this a commitment? Not at all! It's just a group chat, and you might go days or weeks without ever looking at it, but then suddenly think: "I wonder what question was posted lately" - and you might see something amazing and inspiring. If we're lucky, you'll feel inspired to ask one of the questions to a friend, and if we are really lucky you'll decide to answer in the group chat or tell us about your experiences with asking the types of questions that enhance your relationships with family, friends, lovers, or that crazy guy down the street that wears cheetah print pants.

What kinds of questions are asked? ........... A wonderful mix.

Great question! It's a mix honestly... I generally like to post 3 questions each day and I'm sure later that might be more like weekly, but I feel it's important to do a mix. Here's the first 3 questions we ever posted:

  • FUN: If you had a warning label on your back, what would it say?
  • DEEP: What do you need more of right now in life?
  • FLIRTY: Describe your perfect massage from a lover.

And here's 3 more:

  • FUN: What’s the best gift you've ever received?
  • DEEP: Who is a person who has no idea they impacted your life?
  • PLAYFUL: Do you party too much, or not enough?"

This is all pretty experimental, so I don't know if 3 is a good number to post each time, but it feels right, because amoung 3, it's likely at least 1 will really resonate with you and you'll think: "Oh wow, I could ask my mum this question tongiht". Maybe not the flirty question for your mum though! ;)

More questions. Oh wow, there was a typo in the second one I missed. That's a bit embarassing, but hey, amoung friends it doesn't really really matter. Like your teacher once said: "there are no wrong or right answers" and "there is no such thing as a silly question". They are wrong about the second one. Silly questions are sometimes the best questions!

But what if my phone goes ping?! ............... An easy disable.

I don't like any message app that pings me all the time easy.. luckily it's pretty easy to disable the ping for this chat and any other chat that might disrupt you work day! (see: WhatsApp > muting a chat).

Muting a chat on Android... but should be the same on iPhone, and similar on the desktop version. You'll figure it out... I believe in you.

Don't forget you can also must all of WhatsApp, uninstall WhatsApp or leave the group at any time. No hard feelings, but we do hope you stay! You don't need to contribute every week, or at all... but one day you might feel motivated to take a peek at the latest questions - and it will be there waiting. :)

I'm in! What do I need to do next to join? .............. Three easy steps.

Woohoo! Here are the easy steps.

  • If not already, add Andrew Noske (+1 .858.-349-.2901) to your phone's address book.
  • Install WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Message Andrew on WhatsApp with "Hey kangaroo boy - I want in on your question chat!".

Can I add friends? ...................................... Yes!

Have a friend that might love this too! Same deal - ping Andrew on WhatsApp with their name and number and I'll add them. Or I could make you an admin so you can add them yourself. :)

What's the catch? ....................................... None, this is a labor of love!

Wow, skeptical much?! It's true, we do have a book we are releasing... and if you buy the book we are super stoked, but the book is not going to make us any money! We'll probably sell each copy for $4 and make maybe 10 cents of profit. If you want a copy but don't want to pay for it, I'll venmo you the money to buy a copy right now. :)

We're doing this because we love our friends and love cultivating community! We have other gigs that are our day jobs - this is a labor of love. If you buy a copy of our book and leave 5 stars... well AWESOME! But you can also play the online game for free.. and (pro tip), the online game actually has way more question. The advantage of the book is that it goes deeper into how to ask questions in everyday life, and into amazing concepts like active listening. :)

You can read more about those at Limitless Questions.

If I ever get too preachy about buying the book on the thread, call me out. The chat is totally experimental... it might last a month, a year or years. It might grow to 50 people 500, or not grow at all... even if it was just Ann and me on the tread it will still be a great chat! Questions we discuss end up in the database that goes into the game. :)

First draft of our book. (Andrew Noske and Andrew Swanson)


Acknowledgements: The incredible Vicky and Courtney in Hawaii for helping Ann and I come up with thie idea.