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Throughout my life I've had many chances to take on leadership roles, but rarely do I step up because I'm usually who I might step on. I also tell myself that I've "stepped up" more than the average person, and thus want others to have a chance to shine, but in reality I often just chicken out of the responsibility that comes with leadership, and nominate someone else.... and end up in a support role. This is my safety zone. If I want to make proper change however - like for my ConsentToKiss project - I have to be brave and trying being a stronger leader in life... but a leader in my own way.

And so after my first ever game of "Red Black" in 2023, I decided to write this wiki page. This is the exact way I would nominate myself:

A Leader Who is Heavy on Mediation

Nominating Myself

I would like to nominate myself to lead.... and I specifically want a “mediator” leadership style where I make sure everyone who wants to speak gets a fair chance to be heard and vote equally.... and that I come from the pure heartfelt place of listening and humble service from me and everyone else we vote into leadership positions.

Keeping Things Fair

Some other useful things to say:

  • Making things fair:
    • Despite any positions, we're all equals here, **every vote counts equally**.
    • Raise your hand if you want to speak, I encourage everyone to speak.
      • Encourage quieter people to speak first.
    • Let's sit in a circle if possible.
    • Only one person talks at a time.
    • No side talk please.
    • Raise your hand now if you agree to side-talk.
      • It is impossible to make everyone happy when we disagree, but it is possible to make everyone feel heard.
  • Keeping things efficient:
    • What is the problem we are trying to tackle?
      • Is the problem big enough that we need sub-teams? (eg: "music/choreography", "fundraiser/social-media")
      • Would it be helpful to break it down or draw it out on a board?
    • Encourage people to be "laser".
      • To prevent stagnancy, there may be moments where a tough executive decision is necessary.
  • Roles
    • What other roles might our team nominate?
    • Do we need a notetaker, timekeeper, treasurer / secretary / cheerleader etc?
      • The timekeeper: You specifically must keep meetings on time, and be very vocal as time is running out to complete each task - yell out a countdown if necessary. You also should make sure there in a clock in the room. You are also responsible to whip people into shape to arrive on time.
      • The notetaker: Write down all important points (not a novel), and follow up meetings with action item assignment.
      • The cheerleader: Gather everyone's contact details, and call out when the mood is low and help bring it back up, while still grounded. Creative ideas for icebreakers or excellence rallies, are encouraged.
  • Reflection:
    • Whenever someone rambles or fails to make a necessary decision, including me, we need someone to call them out.
    • Feedback time, how might we all work more efficiently with each other?
  • Meeting format
    • You can vote on meeting format, but one idea.... most "segments" to about 5 people sharing... keep it short per person.
    • In a time crunch you might only have time to hear 2-4 ideas, then vote quickly on which is best.

Situations to Avoid

In the same training course, I noticed people who took over from other people forcefully without anyone voting them in. To avoid this we can use this scale:

The Toxic Organization Scale. On which Atlas is nice and low versus Landmark.