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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Publishing and Amazon

Kindle Create is a program which can help you publish a book to in kindle format via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) as an .epub file. I find it's pretty primitive software, but the advantage of using Kindle Create is that you can nicely format your title page, and then your final .epub will be in a simple text format where Kindle readers can scale the text size for best readability. If that sounds like TOO much work you can just use any old word process or Adobe InDesign to save a PDF, or often these system will also try to save a .epub file, but it just might not look quite right. It's a fiddly art, and I suggest only use Kindle Create if you have a very simple black-and-white text book with no pictures. Honestly, even bullet points get messed up in Kindle Create. Ouch!

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Free!
  • Cons:
    • No automatic online saving option (or collaborative editing), which is why I recommend Google Docs when you first start writing your book.
    • Not designed to publish the paperback version.
    • Very hard to manage and update if you make changes to your book or try to keep your paperback version in sync.
    • Very few "styles" to chose from ("Chapter", ), so really only good for a novel - nothing fancier than that.

How To: Import your .doc file into Kindle Create to Publish

So you'd be very silly to try writing a whole book in Kindle Create itself. That would be a sure fire what to lose all your content, because it's not the most stable and it won't save copies to the cloud. Instead write your book in Google Docs, Microsoft Word or even LibreOffice then save it to a .doc file and you can import in into Kindle Create. If you are doing a color book you can import as a PDF, but I'm actually not even sure what Kindle Create offers at that point.

The tricky part is that when you import your book, you'll want to delete the title page and other pages, because there is a place to add them manually. These pictures tell th rest of the story:

  • Step 2: Import your book and choose which sections are real sections.
Import your book and choose which sections are real sections
  • Step 3: Fix up the botched formatting.
    • Once importing is done, you might notice the formatting is pretty off. The number of styles available if very limited, but you might have luck changing your "Heading 1" heading into "Chapter" headings on their own page..... or you might want to edit the doc in your word processor and try again. Either way it's a slow process.
  • Step 4: Delete the title page (and other prefix pages) that was imported into the main body.
  • Step 5: Add the title page and other sections at the beginning.
These are the different kind of pages you can add to the start.
This shows entering the details for a title page.
  • Step 8: Export your project via File >> Generate and notice a ".kpf" file is generated.
  • Step 9: Go to, and click "Create Kindle"... get to the "Kindle eBook Content" and upload your ".kpf" file.
And at least it formats stuff nicely.

Here's the book I published on Kindle using Kindle Create: "Funny Team Names". Find it here.

Hope that helps you... having done the process, I can honestly say that it's only worth it if you have a very simple formatted book. Even for bullet points it messed it up, so my only tip for that is make sure that bullet points have a very tiny space between the bullet and the text in your text editing program.... so that when it imports it won't look so messy.