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Keynote is Apple's answer to Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) - a presentation software program developed as a part of the iWork suite (which also includes Pages and Numbers). I have to say: KeyNote is a LOT nicer than PPT; it has all the features PPT should have AND it runs a lot smoother.... If not for the fact it only works on Mac computer I would probably do away with PPT completely.

The best way to learn about KeyNote is to watch all the video tutorial!

Advantages of KeyNote over PowerPoint

  1. Brilliant use of slide templates -> each "Theme" has a set of "Master Slides" and changing these will instantly modify/update all your existing pages.
  2. Automatically includes images/movies in a hidden directory structure -> right click MyPresentation.key then select "Show Package Contents", too see or retrieve these files
  3. Presentation are displayed and optimized for a particular resolution -> 1024x768 works best, as most projectors support this
  4. Runs faster -> (thanks largely to its OpenGL interface)
  5. Includes some fantastic 3D slide transitions and animations ("builds") -> (to help keep audience awake)
  6. Can indent and skip slides -> (useful for long presentations)
  7. Can import/export .ppt files
  8. Has a great "inspector" toolbox interface.
  9. Includes and many nifty features: image alignment, shadow, reflection, opacity, picture frames... and generally producing attractive slides.

Disadvantages of KeyNote over PowerPoint

  1. Only works on MAC computers