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Over the years my sister, Jenny, has come up with some brilliant quotes - too precious to be forgotten. I like to call them Jenny-isms and here are some of the better one's we can remember. What's most funny is that you know exactly what she means to say, but she chose her own unique way of saying it. Classic stuff, I wish I could remember more ...  :-)

Some Good Jenny-isms

  • It should have been finished in the first place
  • It's no broken it just needs glue
    • Talking about the fridge I think
  • I'm not being bossy, I'm just telling you what to do
    • Telling me off one day for not wrapping the meat in two layers of plastic
  • Everything's worked to a certain extent
  • You're sucking the life out of me
    • After mum asked her to clear the table (since she doesn't do any other housework. Maybe was a coincidence I had just taken her to see Twilight!
  • It is clean, it's just got stuff on it
    • Said when handing Keith a knife with peanut butter on it
  • You repulse me
    • This is actually correct grammar, but just sounded really wrong when it came out!
  • Oh yeah, well at least I'm not a prostitute!
    • What's random about this is we don't know any prostitutes; yet this used to be Jenny's standard defense mechanism whenever criticized for ANYTHING (even not doing the dishes). I think in her head this put things in perspective for us: "it doesn't matter if I'm lazy - it could way be worse - I could be a prostitute". An interesting diversion technique - this was used to help - and of course she had no idea the way she phrased it implied the person she was talking was a hooker!
  • I'm feeling zombified.
    • During visit to Florida.
  • Let's take it as a momentum of the trip.
    • Many times... feels kind of fun.
  • ...
    • .....

Questions for Jen

Things to ask Jen about on phone:

  • work: (Coles) 3 days a week. mon wed fri
  • singing: soul song (Tuesdays) / cairns choral society (Tues or Friday)
  • cute boys
  • friends: Kim / Trevor / Chrissy / Jessica
  • healthy: look good
  • exercise: beach walking, nea (dancing), old: gym (mostly mum now Weds), zumba (old)
  • chooks: fuscha, exhora (younger), azalea (younger) .......... previous: cinnamon (died), marona (died), nutmeg (gone), scarlet (died).
  • support:
    • cooking: Maiko (make-co) on Thu + Kate (has kids) on Tue & Wed / old: Noleane (has kids, moved ages ago)
    • cleaning: old: Erin on Mondays (now worker).


  • food: what you have for lunch
  • television / movies: vampires, modern family


  • jodan: jen worked with him mum, didn't last.
  • sarrah: italian - housemate, works specs, Pepa - border collie (died)
  • mitch: snakes, fish, Tasha (girlfriend) / "Malaqui" husky/cattle dog puppy