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The Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) is a large academic research institute within the University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane Australia. This page contains some basic information, statistic and history of the IMB, which I would otherwise forget!


The IMB was co-founded in 2000 by Prof. John Mattick (who was IMB director from 2000-2007) and Prof. Peter Andrews (now chief science officer of Qld). As of 2008 the IMB director is Prof. Brandon Wainwright.

As of 2008 there are: ~450 research staff... including:

  • ~40 group leaders (some are shared though)
  • ~130 PhD students
  • ~160 post-docs
  • ~120 RAs and "other"

The Building

The IMB is within the Queensland Bioscience Precinct building (although some people will just refer to it as the IMB building) which was completed ~2003 (or maybe that was the year the IMB moved in). The IMB shares the QBP building with CSIRO and Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries which together occupy the south wing.


Students in the Institute for Molecular Bioscience Association (SIMBA) is a student-run social club within the building which I've been heavily involved with (webmaster from 2005-2007 and secretary 2008). Shortly after starting my PhD I made a SIMBA website for them, but it's only accessible within the building (on our private intranet) because the IMB is always pretty worried about vetoing content - which is fair enough.


The IMB has its own commercialization arm called IMBCom lead by director/CEO Dr Peter Isdale. IMBCom help SIMBA out a lot by donating money and sponsoring events - Peter Isdale and Kellie Broderick are very helpful with that stuff. IMBCom also has a BioBuisiness retreat for 3rd year students in May which is awesome.


  • The IMB is funded ~$50 M per year including:
    • $10 M from state government
    • ~$8 M from uni (performance based)
    • ... and most of the rest from grants (by group leaders)
  • ~$18 M "core fund" pays for electricity & staff... each bench spot costs ~40,000 per year. *?
  • IMB is supposed to be the "best equipped institute in the country" & accounts for ~1/3 of the growth at UQ. *?

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