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When I stay in hotels in the US I often forget something. This checklist is to help me remember.


Day of (call up)

Look up Google maps the day of ... Some places let you reserve without a credit card. Ask for:

  • Ground level (if possible & can park near room).
  • Bed size (queen should fit 2 people).
  • AAA discount price.
  • Check out time.
  • View (if applicable).
  • Free parking (if in city).

Check hoteltonight app if possible.

Internet booking


Check In

Should be given:

  • WiFi passcode.
  • 2 keys.
  • Breakfast time.


  • AAA discount?
  • Late check out.
  • Restaurant recommendations / discounts / maps.
  • Spare blanket (summer places are hard to turn down aircon).
  • Any loyalty / reward / credit points?


  • Photograph room # / wifi.
  • Plug in phones.

Check Out

Don't forget:

  • Chargers.

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