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The 0 to 10 "Hopeless romantic" scale below is a shout to all my fellow hopeless romantics. You better believe I'm a 8-10 on this scale when I start dating.... but you can very quickly lose someone you're interested in if you show too many romantic gestures early on. So why not lead this with scale!

My Graphical Representation of the "Hopeless romantic scale" (0-10)

The unofficial hopeless romantic scale.

(full res widescreen image)

What to Do When You Get Too Much or Not Enough Romance?

I made this scale for someone magical I met in Hawaii just after a breakup ceremony... trying to gauge how much this girl might like me. Probably she moves very slowly and I'm comfortable with that, but I'm also a little scared that texting her too often will scare her away... not enough will make her lose interest ahead of the time she's with a friend and can't come out on a date with me. Women are confusing. I will also say this of the United States. Don't buy flowers on a first date for an American. In other countries, it's a sweet gesture, but in the US a lot of girls take it as either (a) he expects something back now or (b) he wants to marry me.

What would you do if you are a hopeless romantic and your partner is cynical on romance and anti-valentines day? Honestly, it sounds like a tonne of girls are at that point where they wish their partners were more romantic, so many just sending this to a partner or friend will inspire them to step up their romance game - or at least appreciate that we're all different, and romance can come in other forms. Any idiot can buy flowers, maybe your love language instead is “acts of service”, so maybe you can read something romantic into your partner taking out the trash.

Hope this scale amuses you and/or comes in handy.


    Andrew Noske

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Acknowledgements: Every romantic person I've ever met in my life. You inspire me with new ideas and dreams. :)