Honda Accord for Sale in 2023

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Status: SOLD (Aug 14th at via Oakland DMV)


I'm selling my 2010 Honda Accord LX in August 2023. It has a clean title and low mileage (~96,000 miles). The Carfax report says retail is ~$11,000, Kelly Blue Books rates its value at ~$7,600 for private sale, but I am ok to sell for less than 7k. It has a few scratched side panels, but new tires, it was recently serviced (Apr 2023), is in good condition internally and I have a fairly comprehensive video. It's a very roomy car with great legroom (see specs) it drives smoothly and accelerates nicely. Hondas are known for reliability and I consider it my lucky car because it's never been in an accident or broken into (unlike many cars in SF)... just some little scrapes from a narrow garage!

I'm asking $6500. I live in The Mission (San Francisco), but I can easily drive anywhere in the bay for a serious buyer. Cheers!


    Andrew Noske

PS: I'm selling the car because I'm moving back to Australia, so *ideally* I might keep a hold of it until August 14th - if that works for anyone - but I could easily switch to Uber and/or might borrow a friend's car for my last few days!


NOTE: Photos were taken July 2, 2023.... so very recent. I intend to use my car right until I sell it so that the odometer might go slightly higher to 96 thousand miles.

Front side view of the car... and you don't really need to ask for more pics because I have a full video.

PS: I just ordered chrome rear mirror view covers which I will install soon, so that should be the only difference by the time you buy it. Plus the dent in the side (front left) easily popped back out, so the dent is already removed.

Carfax report wholesale at $11,310.

Click this video link.

Specific Details:

  • Car type: ................. 2010 Honda Accord LX (Used) 4-cylinder, i-VTEC, 2.4 Liter (see specs)
  • Color: ....................... Gray
  • License plate: ........ 6KER574
  • VIN #: ...................... 1HGCP2F31AA004075

  • CarFax Report: .................. here
  • Kelly Blue Books: .............. here