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This is a private page I've written about my ex-girlfriend Heather. If you can see this then.... well you are not supposed to! I write a lot of wiki pages, but it's very strange for me to write a wiki page about a person. Heather, however, has enough quirks I though it would be worth me documenting.  :-)


Often adorable, but more often just strange

  • Days of the week as colors - Heather sees lots of words as colors - quite a rare condition.
    • Monday = blue | Tuesday = orange | Wednesday = green | Thursday = orange | Friday = red * Saturday = orange | Sunday = red.
  • From shower to pajamas - regardless of time of day, after a shower Heather will only put on pajamas - never normal clothes.
  • No meat off the bone - Heather's fine with eating meat, but she really hates to if its meat which is still on any kind of bone (eg: drumstick).
  • No hill starts - it freaks Heather out to ever need to stop a car (especially one she's driving) when facing uphill.
  • Ranch on everything - no matter what the meal, Heather eats just about everything with ranch dressing.
  • Microwave numbers - whenever using a microwave, Heather will never put in the time suggested, and always make all three digits are different... for examples 3:21 instead of 3:00.
  • Bed hog - for a little girl, Heather likes to take up the whole bed.
  • Teeth freak her out - the idea of seeing loose teeth or seeing someone flossing makes her nauseous. Cleaning teeth or just seeing/showing teeth is okay though. Heather has big teeth.
  • Parking madness - this one isn't so rare... Heather can be a bit angry when driving, but hates parking - she gets very angry when it takes more than two minutes to find a park.
  • Grumpy without coffee - Heather's a nice girl, but before her morning coffee she doesn't want to talk to anyone - trying to initiate a conversation usually results in a silent death-stare.
  • Some other passions: love for Mexican food, addiction to coffee.
  • Some other fears: claustrophobic, creeped-out by children's choirs, slight fear of bees due to tendency of stepping on them.
  • Sayings for days the week: Together with her best friend Dana, Heather came up with names for days of the week:
    • Manic Mondays | Touché Tuesdays | Why-not Wednesdays | Thirsty Thursdays | French-fry Friday | Sexy Saturday | Seize-the-day Sunday

Some Heather Quotes

  • Cupcakes confuse me.
    • Was expression confusion as to how to eat cupcakes
  • What's two times one-third.
    • When trying to double a recipe.... to which I answered... I dunno Heather, possibly two-thirds.
  • No one can stay up for 17 hours straight.
    • Not thinking.
  • Laura, humans are not chickens.
    • At thanksgiving - the phrasing was a bit off.