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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Hawaii travel tips

Warning: This page was last updated Mar 3, 2022. Please use the official links in this section to see what may have changed. Fortunately, from Mar 26, 2022 onwards, covid tests and QR codes for entering Hawaii should no longer be necessary, so I only have this page here for record keeping purposes of what it was like.

I travelled to Hawaii for the fire time in November 2020, and it was a nervous flight, becuase I had to figure out approved covid test, QR codes and I was legitimately afraid that one little misake would mean they didn't let me in. Since then it's become more relaxed. Starting March 26 2022, testing, registering and QR codes should no longer be needed. Hawaii is pretty much the last state to give up and decide that covid is here to stay, and that restricting flights is hurting their tourism industry. I still think it's a good idea to wear a mask on the plane - it's probably still mandated, but even if they remove that restruction, it would be sad to ruin your Hawaii trip with any kind of bug that you catch on the plane (not just covid).

Traveling During Covid

March 26 2022 Onwards

Starting March 26th 2022 domestic U.S. travelers to Hawaii will no longer need to fill out online forms via Safe Travels, no longer have to worry about QR codes, no longer have to provide proof of vaccination or testing, and ultimately, there won't be any additional requirements or restrictions to fly to Hawaii on a domestic U.S. flight.

International travelers will need to continue to follow federal guidelines on traveling to the U.S. According to the HTA, passengers arriving to Hawaii on direct international flights must still adhere to federal U.S. entry requirements, which include showing proof of an up-to-date vaccination document and negative pre-travel COVID-19 test result taken within one day of travel.

Early 2020 to March 25 2022

Throughout this time range, everyone enetering Hawaii from other states (even between islands), had to register with: https://travel.hawaii.gov/#/welcome to get in!

From early 2020 til Oct 15 2022, visitors had to register their flight with travel.hawaii.gov AND quarantine in a hotel (never leaving) for 2 weeks else face a ($5000 + 2 years in jail) fine. Yes they take it seriously! From Oct 15 2020 til July 8 2021, you could register and show up with a Negative COVID test result (to skip the 2 week quarantine) *BUT* it's was not quite all that simple... the test had to be by an approved testing partner and within a certain time (72 hours) of your departure (they expect to see a QR code at the arrival AND departure now I believe), and skipping quarantine isn't supported by all islands. Details here:

From July 8 2021 till March 25th 2022, travellers who have been fully covid vaccinated within the US could use that vaccination card (presumably uploaded as a picture via the same site plus bring the physical card with them), instead of needing a test (news). This should make it much easier and take out the nervousness! I had a friend who forgot to get her QR code before leaving, so there was a panic at the airport, but thankfully she had been fully vacced... else she might have had to do an expensive airport test and/or quarentine 2 weeks and/or been sent back.

Covid Warning: Unlike normal times, where you'd buy flights ahead of time to get a good deal, there's no obvious order of events, and always a fear that your COVID test could take more than 72 hours or even come back inconclusive or positive. If you buy flights ahead, definitely get flights that you can refund or reschedule for free. Personally, I actually waited for my ColorLab test results... and then booked a flight quickly and then filled in travel.hawaii.gov to upload my details. They also want you to have an address in Hawaii and return flights... using their interface you upload a PDF of your test results from the trusted site (like this) and then they email you a QR code you'll need at the airport (like this). It's a nervous process for sure!

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