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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Programming interviews

In appearing knowledgeable and figuring out questions related to our planet, geography and distance, it helps to know a few handy numbers / simple stats. On this pages I've included what I consider some important stats to know (but many of which I forget). Since I grew up in Australia you'll notice all the measurements in metric units, but since I live in the states now you'll notice I also pay attention to the US and Australia.

Handy Geographic Statistics

World Size, Income and Population

• Earth's diameter: ~12,000 km (Wikipedia: Earth)
• Earth covered by water: ~3/4 (Water science for schools)
• GDP of world: $60 trillion (Google public data)
• World population: 7 billion (Wikipedia: World population)
• Population in developing countries: 85% and ~1/3 in slums (HDI qualified, but need better ref)

Australia's Size, Income and Population

• Australia's size: ~4,000 km wide
3,700 km N-to-S
(Wiki answers)
• Australia's GDP: $65,000 per capita
• Australia's population: 22 million (Wikipedia: Australia)
• Some cities: Sydney - ~5 million (Wikipedia: Sydney)
Brisbane - ~2 million (Wikipedia: Brisbane)
Cairns - 150,000 (Wikipedia: Cairns)

United State's Size, Population and Income

• US's size: ~5,000 km (~3000 miles) wide
2,500 km (2400 miles) N-to-S
(Wiki answers).... Alaska is 3600 km x 2200 km but not counted here
• US's population: 310 million (Wikipedia: United States)
• US's GDP: $48,000 per capita (Wikipedia: United States)
• Some cities: San Francisco - ~7 million (Wikipedia: San Francisco)
San Diego - ~1.3 million (Wikipedia: San Diego)
Seattle - ~3.4 million (Wikipedia: Seattle)

NOTE: For all city population I've done the metro area.

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