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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Poems

I lied, this isn't really a poem. I did, however, write it when someone asked me: "Does half hippie mean you only do all those things 50% or you only do half list at 100% each?". That warranted thought.

Half a hippie

I love doing my hippy / eclectic dance in bear feet, but I also enjoy couples dancing (salsa) where you have to wear shoes.

I've been naked a few times, spas etc, even at burning man for a *little* while - but only about 15 minutes, I have full respect for nudists, but I doubt I'll ever become one.

I've been to a few self help workshops, but I don't funnel all my income into doing a new course every week. Maybe one every few months seems reasonable... but really that's a recent thing.

I'm selfish at times, but usually I ask about people's day and won't talk for hours about my latest spiritual discovery.

I don't mind crying, and I love that I have a feminine side, but I also like to think I know when to man up. I know how to use power tools. :-P

I've done yoga, but never more than once a week, and I have terrible physical flexibility. To be a proper hippy you have to be able to put your feet over your head and chant - and I just don't think that's physically possible for me!

I've been to burning man, but only once.... not like the people that have been there 12+ times and I just think "okay, burning man is cool, but think of all the other vacations on earth you could have spent that money"!

I believe in the idea of "energy", that we emit some kind of electric and chemical energy which helps us detect people with good from bad intention... but I still secretly judge anyone who asks me for my star sign, and insist that my date of birth dictates who I should date and how I should behave each day.

I've tried a few different drugs, but I didn't start till I was in my 30s really, and only tiny little bits. I think my number of drug consumptions I can count on one hand... most of them with an ex who smoked pot.

I have no desired to take any drug which makes you experience death then throw up on everyone!

I definitely believe in "being authentic", so in that I might be 100% hippy. Well before I met hippie friend in the bay area I was practicing "high honesty" during dating and with close friends. For some it's confronting, and for others it's refreshing. I don't believe in pretending to be something I'm not.

I hug trees, but not all the time.

I think trees are great, but sometimes they need to come down, so I've chainsawed down a few on my parents property.

I really love animals, but I don't think I can talk to them..... yet. :-P

I also love eating animals. Meat is delicious!

I have no intention of drinking kale juice or doing a cleanse, so I lose some serious hippy points there.

I love writing poetry, but it's not all about "feeling". I'm able to write about other stuff.

I love hugging people, but not from work... you might be an exception.

I love giving massages, but I'm mostly trained from YouTube and two little sessions - I haven't done a one month course in Patagonia, or something crazy.

I went to a few tantra workshops with an ex who took me. It was amazing, but just a few workshops - not enough to become part of that culture.

I don't like to talk too much hippie nonsense to people. There is a certain vocabulary they use which I think sounds a little pretentious, so I'm still thinking about what words I should and shouldn't use. I just "feel" like I need "space" to work our my "feelings" on this.... I want to "respect my boundaries", and the "energy" and "vibes" I'm feeling towards others at times I draw into myself, "become more present" to think about my own "intentions" as I do my chants in nature, and "get in touch with my environment" wearing my all naturally woven shirts, eating "kale" and other "soy products". See what I mean. :)