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You are about to take a group photo. People are doing the normal smile... but you wanna kick it up a notch, for fun. Below is a giant list of suggested poses, facial expressions and even formations. I don't think many groups or photographers can maintain the energy for all these poses (it could take an hour), but you might want to pick a few and see where the energy takes you! I've clustered all the *similar* themed ones together so you probably wouldn't pick more than one or two from any section.

Group Photograph Ideas

Facial Expressions

People will naturally just gather together, the people at front might bend down, and everyone will smile. Here we just start with that position, but ask for some different facial expressions.

  • Every smile normally. ...... you all have such beautiful smiles it's boring.
  • Now everybody look surprised. ...... yeah, you're so surprised.
  • Everybody pout just a little. ...... oh that's great pouting.
  • Made a really sad face. ...... yeah, make that body language sad.
  • Show me your best silly face. ...... I want 20% more silliness from each of you.
  • Pretend you're deep in thought. ...... nothing says thinking like a hand on your chin and looking at the ground.
  • Made a scary face. ...... think of a scary movie, and channel it.


Nobody has to move, but it's fun to point.

  • Point up 45 degrees up and to your right. ...... stare in wonder.
  • Point in any direction and look in another. ...... it makes no sense, but you're doing it.
  • Point at the nearest sexy camera person. ...... oh me, wow, you didn't have to do that.


Most people understand basic stereotypes and it should be too fun to resist taking on a character. Work it baby!

  • Everyone hot girl poses. ...... pump out that chest and twist your body so much it doesn't even make sense.
  • Now you're a diva. ...... show me confidence and vogue.
  • Now you're a yoga goddess. ...... show my your inner beauty you juice cleansing little yogis.
  • Show me body builder. ...... flex those muscle for me, it's time for the gun show.
  • Show me broadway. ...... jazz hands everybody, you're all stars.

Hand Signs

There are some popular signs people can make with their hands... for instance the Star Trek, but that one is too nerdy to list.

  • Show me the love heart. ...... awww, this one goes on my fridge.
  • Everyone make gang signs. ...... bend low like a gangster, if you don't know any gang signs it's because you live a sheltered life that that's okay.
  • Do the peace sign and a cheesy grin. ...... pretend you're a Japanese tourist, that's so racist of you.
  • Okay, let's do a salute next. ...... stare at the sky, but no german salutes at the back, that's very politically incorrect.


At this point you already might hope people move around a little, they might mix up where they are standing, or at least change their postures.

Fun Poses

Some poses are just fun.

  • Everyone show me your best power pose. ...... channel your wonder-woman, hands on hips, you are winning.
  • Celebration pose with your hands in the air. ...... you just won the lottery, you're elected.
  • Your lottery ticket is invalid, everybody look disappointed. ...... you still have work on Monday.
  • Also your cat died, so everybody make a crying face. ...... oh that is so dark.
  • Now stretch out with a big yawn. ...... it's bedtime.
  • Show me confusion and shrug for the camera. ...... who took the last cookie, it wasn't me.

Animal Poses

Enough said.

  • Everyone channel you inner tiger ...... show me tiger hands.
  • Now you're a hamster ...... hamsters are cute, put up your paws.
  • Show me a monkey ...... dance monkey.
  • You, what’s your favorite animal? Everyone channels that now. ...... pretend you're that animal.

Yoga Poses

Most people know or can at least replicate a few basic yoga positions these days. Even just namaste hands.

  • Spread out and do your favorite yoga pose. ...... find your inner peace and ommm with me.. ommmmm.
  • One of you step forwards and show us your warrior one. ...... copy them, cuz you are spiritual AF.

Break into Subsets

You know how in wedding photographs they'll say "just the men", or "just the family" and so on. Switching out people is a nice breather if you want the photo session to last longer.

  • Just the men now.
  • Just the women.
  • Everyone back together.



Instead of going straight for sexy, it might be fun to start silly.

  • Everyone show me duck face. ...... now quack just a little, oh yeah, you're naughty.
  • Give me your best sassy pose. ...... you're an instagram model and you love it.
  • Now you're a Charlie's angels girls. ...... point those sexy finger guns at the bad guys.
  • Turn around and put one hand on your ass, like you're naughty. ...... oh my.

Silly Sexy

Silly sexy is more sexy than actual sexy sometimes.

  • It's sexy time people, pose sexy. ...... oh yeah, I'm getting just a little turned on.
  • Give me your kissy face. ...... oh yeah, you guys are killing it, keep moving.
  • Pose like you're one of my naked French girls. ...... did anyone see that movie, it was really good.
  • Put your hands on your body just a little. ...... this isn't even for the photo guys, I'm totally just creeping on you all right now and loving it. Hey - we're NOT done.
  • Show me your belly button. ...... so silly.

Actual Sexy

Only do this if people want to actually pose sexy. Often girls enjoy this, guys less so (in a group). Don't force it.

  • Everyone run your hands through your hair. ...... make it sexy.
  • Bite your bottom lip like you mean it. ...... that is fire.
  • Single file, and wrap your hands around your neighbors waist. ...... this is legit sexy.
  • Turn around and face away, and if comfortable, your hand on your neighbors bum. ...... this is a swimsuit issue for sure.

Interact With Each Other

Free for All

  • Let's all interact with each other, introduce yourself. ...... adorable, handshakes and wave.

Interacting Pairs

  • Look lovingly into the eyes of someone next to you. ...... adorable.
  • Now whisper a secret to the person on the other side of you. ...... adorable.
  • Pretend they said something so funny you're laughing like in a laundry detergent commercial. ...... good for you!
  • Strangle the person in front of you. ...... people in the front look very worried.
  • Show me some dance poses, dip someone if you know how. ...... not everyone can dip, so don't go too low.

Single Person of Focus

  • Everyone, stare at Sherry's hair and compliment how great it looks. ...... get it girl.
  • Somebody put their hands on Greg's nipples. ...... don't forget consent is very important.
  • I need a volunteer, which of you is the least shy? Sit at the front. ...... everyone point at them.


  • Everyone stagger yourselves back and forward, cross your arms and look badass. ...... channel your inner biker because you have horrible mummy issues.
  • Fomr a single file, and lean on the person to your left. ...... don't lean too far, you will all fall, and I'm don't have liability coverage.
  • Everyone form a circle and put your hand in the middle, I’m gonna take a photo of you. ...... on the count of three yell "go penguins", because it will really confuse people.
  • Let's do a face off, girls that side, guys that side. ...... show them some attitude!
  • Make a v shape and put your fists together. ...... I promise you it looks cool.

Getting Low

  • Kneel on one knee and pose like a football player. ...... elbow on your arm.
  • Pray on both knees. ...... dear Santa, I want a new bike and some skittles.
  • Kiss the ground. ...... show your respect to the land, no tongue Jeff okay.
  • Sit down hold hands. ...... it like grade school.
  • Lets all do a big breath together. ...... we deserve a pause... breathe in, breath out.
  • Recline back and hug each other! ...... this is practically a cuddle puddle.
  • Lay down whatever feels comfortable. ...... try act casual.


Poses imply standing still, but what about something where people are dynamically moving... maybe even do a video.

  • Everyone, we're going space out and jump on the count of three. ...... nailed it.
  • Time to high five each other. ...... get it girl.
  • Put your finger in someone's ear. ...... not too deep, be hygienic.
  • Swap positions. ...... get it girl.

Walk Around

  • Now I'm legit just asking you to strut around randomly until I ask you to stop. ...... I could do this for hours guys... and stop.

Pop Fiction

Album Covers

  • Recreate the **Abbey Road** album cover. ...... pretend you're that animal.
  • Recreate the **Queen II** album cover. ...... Person in the front, cross your chest, nobody smile.
  • Recreate the **Triller** album cover. ...... lay back like a sexy roman emperor.

Movies and TV

  • Recreate the ET pose. ...... finger to finger.
  • You're the Incredible Hulk. ...... show me muscles.
  • You're on the cover of Mean Girl*. ...... that is so fetch!
  • Do the Dumber and Dumber movie cover. ...... grab someone's hair or ears.
  • Pair up and show me the Titanic pose. ...... at the front of the boat.
  • Show me James Bond. ...... shaken not stirred.
  • Show me Breakfast Club. ...... Punch the air.
  • Show me Superhero poses. ...... Superman will do.

Specific Silly Faces

You can get very specific with silly faces.

  • Pull your ears. ...... you love it.
  • Tuck your top lip up, and show me your inner toothy. ...... I love it.
  • Touch your nose and go cross-eyed. ...... If you can't do cross eyed poke out your tongue.
  • Cover your eyes or ears or mouth. ...... monkey see no evil, speak no evil or hear no evil.


I decided to write this article after a Lunar Vibes camping weekend where a group of about 20 people in the same camp said "oh Andrew, you did a great job last time taking photos, can you do it again". I was honored, but also in a confident and silly mood so I decide to take it up a notch and I asked them for a few silly positions, like pointing, touching Ian's nipples, gang signs (actually someone else's idea).. and I feel like it was great fun! Afterwards I started thinking about other crazy things I could have asked them to do. Honestly, it would be exhausting to do too many, but I just like the idea of novelty, and it's always kind of cool for people to see a photo of themselves in some way they've never seen before.