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Google Sites is a structured web page creation (wiki) tool by Google, aimed at allowing anyone to be able to create a website where multiple people can collaboratively edit pages and share files. Although most of Google Sites is easy to figure out, there are a few things which are less obvious, and I have tried to document some of these things here.

Add a Custom Icon (favicon.ico) to a Google Site

To add a little 16x16 web site/tab/favicon/bookmark icon to your Google Site:

  • Create a 16x16 transparent PNG image (try Pixlr online editor).
  • Use a tool that generates .ico files (try FavIcon Generator) to turn this into a "favicon.ico".
  • Navigate to the Attachment management section of your Google Site: More Actions >> Manage Site >> Attachments.
    • Click Upload
    • Click Browse and select your "favicon.ico" file (it must be named this)
    • Choose the option to Upload attachment to / (top-level)
    • Click Upload

NOTE: These instructions were modified from here.

NOTE: If you want to change your favicon.ico, just "Upload" a new version over the top.

Add a Custom Logo to the Header of a Google Site

To add a logo to the header of your Google Site (typically on the left of the title / site name):

  • Create a good size 120x120 might be a good size transparent PNG image (try Pixlr online editor).
  • Click "custom logo" and select your PNG file.
  • See what it looks like - you may want to adjust the size.

NOTE: You must be a site owner to do this. These instructions were modified from here.

Child Pages

Related/Child Pages:

  • Google Sites - HTML Tag Cleaner - a method for cleaning up the messy HTML and redundant tags which Google Sites tends to add to all your pages. This is my biggest complaint about Google Sites.