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Google Consumer Surveys are an amazing way to conduct surveys on internet users (see video). Users are paid ~0.10 cents or more per answer (so 1000 answers on 1 question = $100). There are also ways to ask "golden question" and so on, but results are generally pretty good, and it is very quick to set up a question. Below is the flow I used to create a "side by side" image with 3 images (only 2 random ones shown at a time), and took only ~10 minutes to set up, and I had results (~100 answers) back within an hour!

This is a great way you can ask which logo is better, or ask market research questions like "do you have household arguments over temperatures" (see Nest video).

There are other paid crowd sourcing options like Amazon Mechanical Turk, but Google Consumer Surveys really impressed me on how easy and quick it was to setup a basic survey and get reliable results. I already had a Google Wallet, so I didn't even need to register or anything.

Google Consumer Surveys

To test out the system I created this question below (link only works for me) where a user picks a left or right image to help me determine which of 3 images users most prefer.

Here are the steps:

  • 1 Pick audience - great options to chose a country, or even state... or a single gender etc.
    Google consumer surveys: Pick audience

  • 2 Write questions - many really great and easy templates to chose from.
    Google consumer surveys: Write question
    Google consumer surveys:Write question, and preview

  • 3 Confirm survey - decide how many answers you need, and confirm payment from your linked Google Wallet etc (very easy).
    Google consumer surveys:Confirm payment

  • 4 Wait... - shouldn't take long (if <1000 answers).
    Google consumer surveys:Wait

  • 5 Examine results - really easy to view results, and break down by different demographics etc.
    Google consumer surveys: View results
    Google consumer surveys: View results graph