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I feel like a lot of places I've lived, the complaint from men is "there are more men than women here, dating sucks"! This is especially true when I was living in San Francisco - which is lots of men in tech.... and yet sometimes women are complaining that there are no eligible men around. They can't both be write. That's why I decided to actually look up stats. Stats don't lie. :)

... although what these stats won't necessarily tell you is where are the good quality men, and good quality women. Oh wait... apparently one of these sites claims to know that too. I like to think it's possible to find love wherever you live, but at the same time... travel is when you are the most adventurous, most open, and outgoing and often meeting exotic people (and other travelers). Plus is you live in America... well dating American's isn't always ideal, so it's fun to think about visiting or living somewhere different where people are more authentic. Anyhow, here are some links:

Gender Ratio Sites

Most attractive women (according to Clover).
Most attractive men (according to Clover).


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