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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Music

From free music sites. Be warned that this page is very old, so I'm not sure all these sites still work, and I'm sure there are btter ones.

Music Sites

Free Music

  • DailyWav - contains numerous free voice clips from movies and TV shows.

Special Music Sites

  • Midomi - (*****) Lets you find a song by singing into your microphone - does a pretty good job too (although database is limited to mostly popular music).

Online Radio Stations

  • - (****) Really stepped up in covid season to help artists stream live sets.
  • Last.FM - (****-) Popular internet radio which lets you specify song you do and don't like, and play similar music, or make friends with people with similar music taste. Also available as application.
  • - Nice interface, lets you make playlist.
  • Nullsoft SHOUTcast - Numerous genres and opens .pls file with WinAMP
  • Radio - Opens directly into Windows Media Player (mostly US stuff).

Music Applications

  • Spotify - (*****) Very popular app available on most desktop and mobile platforms which lets you listen to almost any song on request or make your own playlists from their huge online database. The free version has adds... I think the paid is ~$10 per month and the has a feature where you can download a few playlists (encrypted I assume) for offline listening.
  • Pandora - (****-) Streaming radio stations. In the simplest mode you chose one track and it continues to play similar stuff. Over time you can vote thumb up / thumb down on songs and it will slowly learns your preferences. Brilliant idea and hugely popular, but I do prefer spotify.

Download Music from YouTube Videos

I'm not sure how ethical it is, but a number of websites convert YouTube videos to mp3/wav, allowing you to get music tracks.

  • MP3Juices - Search for a song and select which mp3 to download.

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