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Ever found yourself completely unsure what you want for dinner? Maybe you want to eat out out but have no idea what your in the mood for... maybe you're not particularly hungry, or maybe you really want to try something new. This page should help!

The list below contains an exhaustive list of the main types of restaurants/cuisine/food you might consider with examples of each. Read through the list and hopefully you'll find something that makes your mouth water and come to a decision. If not you really aren't hungry!

Most of this list this list from the free Urban Spoon smart phone application, which I highly recommend installing if you even want or need to randomly find a restaurants at short notice.

List of My Favourite Restaurants Discovered

...............Type............... Rating Examples
Afghan ? (most similar to indian) naan, yougurt, shami kabob, rice, stuffed grape leaves
African ? game. eithiopian, injera (pancake bread), couscous, stew
American **--- apple pie, sirloin steak, crab, pizza, hot dog, baby-back ribs
Asian ****- chinese (peiking duck, satay), japanese (sushi), indian (chicken tikka), phillipean, thai (tom yum soup)
Bagels *---- cream cheese, pretzels, ham, sweet
Bakery **--- pull-apart bread, pizza bread, hot dinner rolls, apple turnover, eclair
Barbecue ****- ribs, steak, sausage, corn, buffalo wings
Brazilian ? Vatapá (coconut shrimp soup), rice and beans, soybean pasta
Breakfast / Brunch ***-- pancakes, french toast, sausage, scrambled eggs, cereal
Buffet ***-- sizzler, salad, lasagna, drumsticks, shrimp
Burgers **--- hamburger, chicken burger, fish-burger, mcdonalds
Burmese ? laphet (eaten tea), ginger, tomato, seafood
Cajun / Creole ?
Caribbean ? jamaican jerk spice, rice 'n peas, coconus, plaintains, cassava, cilantro, bell pepper
Chicken **--- chicken roast, roesmary, drumsticks, chicken mushroom, red rooster, KFC
Chinese ***** sweet and sour pork, black bean, beef noodle soup, green tea
Coffee ?
Cuban ?
Delicatessen ?
Desserts / Ice Cream ***--
Dim Sum ?
Diner ?
Donuts ? glazed, custard, jam
Eastern European ?
Ethiopian ***-- injera (pancake like bread used as plate), stew, meats
English / Irish ?
Fast Food *----
Filipino ?
Fondue ?
French ?
Gastropub ?
German ? blood sausage
Greek ? greek salad, gyros, moussaka, pita bread, feta and olives, spanakopita
Hawaiian **--- (fatty with lots of pineapple and pork) shrimp plate, taro, sweet potatoes, spam musubi (similar to sushi), ahi poke (tuna on cabbage)
Hot Dogs / Sausages **--- mustard, sausage, frankfurter, enough said
Indian ***** naan, rice, chicken tikka masala, rogan josh (spicy), tandori chicken, samosa
Indonesian ***-- sate, roasted fish in banana leaf, rendang daging (goat in coconut milk)
International ?--- fusion cusine - for example smoked salmon in rice paper with avacado (fusion of Vietnamese and Japanese)
Italian ***** neapolitan pizza, cheese and tomato, pasta, lasagna, bolognese
Japanese ***-- tempura, udon noodles, rice wine, miso soup
Korean ?
Kosher ? jewish diet laws no pork, no shellfish etc.
Latin American ?
Malaysian **--- similar to indonesian
Mediterranean ? lots of fruit and vegetables
Mexican ***** taco, flour tortillas, fajitas, beans, rice, tamale
Middle Eastern ?
Modern American ?
Moroccan ?
Noodle Shop ?
Organic ?
Pakistani ?
Pizza ****- pepperoni, neapolitan, supreme, meat lovers, new york style, chicago style
Portuguese ?
Pub Food ? pot pie, burger, chilli con carne, mussels, pickled egg
Raw Food -----
Russian ?
Salads ***--
Sandwiches / Subs ?
Seafood ***** prawn, crab, seaweed, shellfish, lobster, calamari, fish, tuna, salmon, freshwater fish, moreton bay bug
Smoothies ***-- berry, banana, juice, colored ice.
Soups **--- polish mushroom soup, tom yum, wanton soup, pha
Southern / Soul ?
Southwestern ?
Spanish ?
Steakhouse ***--
Sushi *****
Tacos ***--
Tapas **---
Tea **---
Teriyaki ***-- chicken teriyaki, duck, yellowtail
Tex-Mex ?
Thai ***--
Turkish *****
Vegetarian ?
Vietnamese ?
Wine Bar ?