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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Graphic Scales

Flirting can be fun! But when you accidentally overstep, it can get awkward.

The scale below is mostly for fun/comedy.... but also can be a fun ice-breaker and useful gauge of a person's comfort level. How can you make your potential lover feel sexy without crossing the line. Do you awkward ask for "can I have your consent to flirt with you outrageously". That actually can work! Good flirting is fun and clever and doesn't make anyone uncomfortable. If you don't know what level of dirty talk is appropriate... this graphic is a playful way to ask.

My Graphical Representation of the "Flirting Comfort Scale" (0-10)

The unofficial comfort scale for being naughty and flirting.


I created this just after creating a Love to lust scale, and realized I wanted to use the same template for other fun ideas.

Sometimes when you meet someone or even match them on online dating - those first few texts are pretty pivotal. Nobody likes boring, but even worse is if you try to be too edge. How are you just the right amount of edgy. Some guys a girls can get turned on by rude words, but how do you know what level is appropriate in text? If you don't send the whole graphic try this:

So on a scale of 0 to 10 of being naughty and flirting, what is your comfort range?

0 = driving Ms Daisy.

5 = jokes about light spanking for each time you are naughty.

10 = send you a sex story and/or talk dirty.

... and keep in mind I'm not necessarily comfortable with 10 either with someone pretty new and unknown!

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