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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Dating

I wanted to write an article about flirting for a while, but haven't found the time. But I will start this article to got down some notes from a couple of very random videos I've found.

How To Flirt Like Craig Ferguson

These are notes from the video: How To Confidently Flirt With Women.

  • Conversation:
    • Start every conversation in a fun way. ... "You look sensational" / "look at you, you look enchanting".
    • Effusive positive energy. ... Start with more energy than most people > big body language or 20% louder than everyone.
    • Over the top teasing. ... Marry compliments with teasing (only teasing = a jerk) tease yourself for self amusement.
    • Ask an absurd question. ... "Why do you hate American?" / "How long have you been mormon?"
    • Callout a cliche (from you or her). ... "Oh that's so unusual to hear, I've never heard that before"
    • Be playfully absurd. ... "Black tar heroin". Establish that you are more playful than most people.
  • Environmental:
    • Create a safe environment for people to be flirty and sexual.
    • Go to something sexy first on your own. ... "She's small but she packs a punch". Show that you are non-judgmental and sex-positive (with a storty that doesn't involved them).
    • Playfully misinterpret something. ... "Are we still talking about gardening?"
    • Use innuendo. ... Techically harmless, "take your time eating that, don't just jump in there with your tougue"
    • Change topic away from sex sometimes. ... So that you don't look totally thirsty, and you can come back later.
  • Body language:
    • Flirt with the world! ... Be complimentary with men too, it's all practise and this positive feedback loop and laughter makes it easier to transfer the positive vibes when you do chat to a woman.
    • Leaned back body language. ... His pose is always to lean away from the woman.
    • Lean into your worst fear.... for example, purposely create a long awkward pause. ... "Would you like to do a long awkward pause with me.

  • Opener:
    • "Hey, I don't think I've ever met you before, my name is Andrew." ... Light.
    • "Hey, I know this is totally random, but you're absolutely gorgeous, and I'd be kicking myself for the rest of the day if I didn't find out more about you." ... Bold.