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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Fire Dancing - Oahu

Covid Warning: There are old/cancelled events... you probably want to look at the Fire Dancing - Oahu page for the current ones.

Old / Cancelled Events

Sunday Night - Fire - South Waikiki

Covid Warning: This old location has been postponed due to the delta outbreak and police regularly busting us, I'll try to update when it's back on again.

  • What: (Informal) Kapiʻolani Regional Park (Waikiki area) Fire Performers
    ... they just do it for fun, just after dusk, and they are very good! Just space out and sit down to watch them... they have acro-yoga before dusk which is fun to watch too. The group is called Trial By Fire - of which I'm a part of now - and I love their values of (a) teaching and inclusiveness (anyone, tourist or not, they will teach you to spin) and (b) safety and staying sober. Yup, fire dancers are asked to stay sober, because fire and alcohol shouldn't mix (fire is dangerous)... *but* people watching often bring some beers and seats to enjoy the dancing way into the night. If you want to spin then you have to prove to fire master you respect safety and have some experience with your chosen prop. Once accident with this audience of trusting tourists (some of them with kids) would shut us down, so we're trying to add as many safety measure as possible, while still keeping it fun.
  • When: Every Sunday ~ at dusk. If you want a lesson spinning the staff come at 5pm and donate $10-20 for your lesson (extra $20 to take home a staff). They couple that teach this are amazing, it's really fun! They might tell you about some other events about.
  • Where: Kapiʻolani Regional Park / Sans Souci State Recreational Park. Just walk to Queens Beach (just south of Waikiki Beach) and keep walking down the beach past the park and about half way through the park you'll see the acro-yoga people about 50 meters north of "Barefoot Beach Cafe @ Queens Beach". map. If you don't see fire spinners there by sunset, beeline inland about 100 meters into the middle of Kapiolani Regional Park and you should see them there.
  • Website: N/A

Covid Warning: Cops have shut us down a couple of times in June, so starting July, we're more likely to be in the middle of Kapiolani Regional Park ... you'll have to look around to find us, but we want to keep it alive.

New location.
Fire dancing starts around sunset with more pictures here. Lindsay actually teaches a free lesson at 5pm if you want to learn staff.
Fire dancing after dark. Yes, quite a few people watch! This is Tiana spinning a levi wand. There is up to 3 people at a time spinning, but I only caught one person here.

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