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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Fire Dancing

I started fire dancing in Hawaii, but there's also some great community in San Francisco Bay Area, that I'm just now discovering in mid 2022. Here I'm going to document what I find. Whether you already spin, want to learn to spin, or want to see some spinning, I hope this page is useful. I'm going to use it to convince some of my friends to come along and watch or maybe learn a couple of moves.

Friday Night Lights - Mid Century Monster, Lake Merritt, Oakland

  • What: Oakland spin jam... bring your own props and fuel, and get ready to dance.
  • When: Every Friday ~ music starting late (10:30 pm) and peaking at 11pm.
  • Where: Lake Merritt in Oakland just next to the beach where the "Mid Century Monster" statue stands. map
  • Website: N/A - just a [Facebook group - URL PENDING]. I was pretty surprised there was no website, so I decided to make this wiki after my first visit (in July 2022).

  • More Details: The people are friendly - on my first visit people offered me fuel - and the music is playful, with mix with some great dance songs. Oakland can get cold, even in the summer, so bring a jacket, blanket and chair if you want comfort. This jam used to happen at the Lake Merritt Columns, but the beach is kind of nice for privacy. Plan to arrive ~10:30 and park you can on Bellevue Ave (map) near the other cars and it should be relatively safe - you can see the fire spinning from the road. In theory they will start more like 10 but it can be slow to warm up with just a couple of people. If you don't see anyone, you might have come too early, give it a chance. The level of skill is pretty high, but it's friendly and supportive enough that you won't feel intimadated and there's plenty of room off to the side to spin if you're nervous about the audience. Plus at times you might have nine people dancing at once, so who really cares!

Friday Night Lights at Lake Merrit.
Friday Night Lights at Lake Merrit.

Sunday Dolores Jam Unlit - Dolores Park, San Francisco

  • What: Dolores Flow.
  • When: Every Sunday ~ starting at ~1pm and fading out as the sun gets lower (so peak is 2pm-3-pm).
  • Where: Dolores Park northern side near the restrooms. map
  • Website: N/A - just a Facebook group called "Dolores flow".

  • More Details: A friendly little group flowmies (homies that flow) hang out and are likely to brig extra toys for you to learn and skill share. Sounds like people trickle in with with toys. It's smaller than "Friday Night Lights", and fire though - just a social practise enjoying the sun. You might only see a couple of other flow people dancing, but be friendly and walk up to them and there might be a few sitting on the grass. There should be music, but it's Dolores Park, so unless it's raining there will be music everywhere.

Dolores flow with map - it's just in front of the tennis courts.
Dolores flow.

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Acknowledgements: Thanks to Joel for telling me about "Friday Night Lights", Rebecca for helping me find it and Nate for sharing his fuel on my first time!