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NOTE: This page is a daughter page of: Fire Dancing and Music

Fire dancing (aka "fire spinning"/"flow art") involves dancing with fire toys, and lends itself well to EDM and tribal music. The amazing tribe I belong to is called Trial By Fire and our main DJ is the incredible Cory Rothwell (aka. DJ Pair-A-Dice) who provide me with the first of the spotify playlists below!

NOTE: I've also added my own with a little more pop - which a lot of traditional fire dancers may not enjoy, but a little pop in the middle is often a nice surprise for the audience.

Fire Dancing Spotify Playlists

From Cory for Trial By Fire

  • Tribal Vibes 2 - 2021 - Love this playlist. Mostly EDM... the first cople are some of my favorite "Jol - Dena Amy" (I see you) and "Departure - Davis Scott trance" (trancy).
  • Tribal 5.5 - Slightly more trance again, I think my favorite is "Mystic - VOLO".

From Andrew and Campsite Forever

Cory (DJ Pair-A-Dice).
The girls from Lunar Vibes campsite 5 dancing it up.

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Acknowledgements: Cory Rothwell (DJ Pair-A-Dice) for providing the initial playlists, which inspired me to add some of my own.... and of course Dhevhan for starting Trial by Fire with Cory.