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This scale is based on my Empath articles, especially the Empath / Highly Sensitive Person Tests. We should all know what empathy mean, but the concept of "empath" or a "highly sensitive person (HSP)" (a similar but related concept) goes a little beyond a person who feels great empathy - it can also imply you have more sensitivity to light, sound, smell and touch. If you found this article, you probably don't need any extra explanation.

My Graphical Representation of the "Empathy Scale" (0-10)

The unofficial empath scale.

(full res widescreen image)

Everyone is an "Empath" Suddenly

I'm sometimes guilty of assuming anyone that shows some emotion is an empath, and I'll often get excited and refer them to my Empath article. Did I do this to you? Oh sh**, sorry about that! Truth is being an empath is the cool hip thing to be in some circles and a lot of people identify as empath without realizing that it's a scale... just like everything else. You cried once in a war movie and you've discovered you have feelings. That's not an empath - not even close. And now I sound pretentious, like I'm higher on the scale and more evolved. I wish I could orgasm when the wind changes... or maybe not, that could be awkward. This scale is all about humor. If you're interested in the inspiration do the Empath / Highly Sensitive Person Tests and see what comes up.

Asking if Someone is an Empath

I still think the test is a fun way to ask if someone has empathy, but not many people here are going to answer 0 or 1. I do believe there are people out there who are highly sensitive who don't fit your typical rules. You could be introverted or extraverted. You could be rich or poor, good or bad. There are some benevolent people that show the hallmarks of a psychopath if you analyze their behavior. Only time will tell if someone is kind and empathetic, or just pretending to be "woke".

Still, it's fun to ask... here is the text feeling:

Hey, so I'm curious where you are on the empathy scale (0 to 10).

10 = I can have an energetic orgasm every time I feel the wind in my hair.


5 = I have feelings sure, but I don’t consider myself highly sensitive.


0 = Basically a robot, but I get shit done. Also I'm a CEO. Get a job you hippies.


This scale is not calibrated in any way... it's the most ridiculous of the scales, because everyone is so different, and you can't really calibrate what it means to be a highly sensitive person - you can just live a list of things that are associated with HSPs.


    Andrew Noske

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