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Ecstatic dance in Oakland in mind blowing. They have these dance events every Wednesday night (7 - 11pm) and Sunday afternoon (10:30am - 1:00pm). I've only been to the Wednesday night one, but it blows my mind.

  • What: Amazing ecstatic dance event
  • Cost: $15 at the door
  • When: Every Wednesday 7-11pm
  • Where: Tropicana Nightclub, 1933 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612 (map)
  • What to wear: Suitable dance attire, you'll be bear foot... see more here.
  • Website:
Inside the venue in Oakland

What is Ecstatic Dance - Oakland

I think the best thing you can do, for a full explanation, is to read my Open Floor - Mountain View article. It explains things in depth. Although the Mountain View and Oakland events are differently named, they are very similar dance genres in that you are free to dance however you want (and no shoes) - just be respectful to others. The main difference: Oakland Wednesday nights is a much younger crowd - the median age is probably around 30, and some of the guys shirtless. It's also much bigger, and the music is intense for hours! The very beginning it starts soft, and the very end is a magnificent come down "sound therapy" part where people usually lie down and someone plays saxophone or guitar or something else really mellow. I think the Mountain View one is friendlier, in that it's easier to connect with people, but some prefer the younger crowd of Oakland. Having everyone around your age means people are a little more picky about dancing with you in case your intentions are more than just dancing. For that reason it's fun to go to the Oakland one with some friends - people who you know you can dance with. But if you just want to dance alone, that's lobeky too! When approaching people to dance, or during a dance, remember that putting your hands together in a pray like position is saying "thanks, but I want to dance by myself now".


    Andrew Noske

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Acknowledgements: My friend, Kailani Nguyen - for introducing me to this venue! Plus all the friends who've come along with me and created inedible nights.  :)