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Ecstatic dance is mind blowing, enough said!

Oahu Ecstatic Scene

If you know of any other ecstatic events on Oahu please let me know, because it's kind of my religion!

Friday Night Ecstatic - Kapiolani Regional Park

Covid Warning: This event might still be in flux. Last I heard, on Mar 13, 2021, is that this event migt have moved closer to the aquariaum - not so far away - so you'll still find it I hope!

  • What: Amazing ecstatic dance experience in the park
    Ka'imi / Wanye Bow / Sage Bee / Jonathan Barry and other "Vibe Tribe" members runs thie event, and then in the past Trial By Fire took over as it gets darker (but now with more police around it's less likely you'll see fire dancers). You will want to be there at about 6:00 pm I believe, to catch the yoga part. It only opened in May 2021, so early days, but even on the first one there were ~30 people dancing. Cost is $10 to come and dance. Some nights are more than others, but come along as it is magical regardless.
  • When: Every Friday ~ starting at ~6:00 pm with just a few people, but can build up at like 8 to a decent crowd!
  • Where: Sans Souci State Recreational Park/Kapiolani Park Area. Lately the dance has been been in the middle of Kapiolani Regional Park - look for the dancing people, but one day it might move back to the shore about 50 meters south of "Barefoot Beach Cafe @ Queens Beach". approx map location - you'll want to check the Facebook Group each week to double check it's on. Fortunately both locations are pretty close, so if you don't see any dancers it's a short walk over the road to the other possible location.
  • Website: Facebook Group - best bet for up-to-date info

Wakiki ecstatic dancing.
Yoga at sunset.
New location - facing up onto diamond head.
The Facebook Group - make sure you sign up.

What is Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance I've been doing **forever** now. I love it equally as much as fire dancing... actually maybe still more, because it's fun to dance with others - often in a very connected way. I think the best thing you can do, for a full explanation, is read my Ecstatic_Dance article. It explains things in depth. In a nutshell: wonderful energetic tribal music where you are free to dance however you want (no instructions) and no shoes. When approaching people to dance, or during a dance, remember that putting your hands together in a pray like position is saying "thanks, but I want to dance by myself now". On Maui, people wear bathing suits and it's all outside during covid... and honestly a little secretive.

Wish I could give more details, but make some friends on Baldwin Beach and you'll get details to anything else going on.


    Andrew Noske

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Acknowledgements: Thanks to the incredible Jonathan Barry who started up this dance, alongside the incredible Ka'imi and her partner Wanye Bow from Vibe Tribe. Also who could freget Tribal Dreams (Jonathan) as one of the original DJs.